Jodie Comer just won Christmas styling with the festive (and delicious) earrings of dreams

Written by Alice Porter

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to experiment with your style and Jodie Comer is doing just that in her latest Instagram story.

A statement earring has become a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, particularly for the festive season. We’ve all got a pair of chunky gold hoops and maybe you have even started collection of colourful, bold earwear. But in a recent Instagram post  Jodie Comer, best known for her role in the BBC drama Killing Eve, introduced us to a whole new genre of statement earrings  and they’re perfect for the festive season.

Falling neatly under the category of ‘items you didn’t know you needed’, Comer shared an Instagram story wearing a pair of roast dinner earrings. Yes, you read that right – Christmas dinner earrings. The earrings depict a traditional Sunday dinner, with turkey, all the trimmings and (everyone’s favourite) a giant Yorkshire pudding.

“Whilst I’m on the subject of fashion… this is the only way you can pose when you have earrings this legendary. Thank you @bigduckjewelry – I feel seen,” Comer wrote, sharing a selfie of her wearing the festive earrings.

2021 saw the return of Y2K fashion, and “tacky” jewellery – such as colourful floral necklaces and friendship bracelets – is on the rise as a result. Big Duck Jewelry, an independent brand who created Comer’s Christmas dinner earrings, have well and truly hopped on the trend, selling items including frog rings, star necklaces and a grilled cheese incense burner. 

Comer has had a busy year, filming the final season of Killing Eve and starring in three major films including the historical drama The Last Duel. She shared the photo of her earrings alongside an image of her in LA, wearing a navy midi dress from Goop’s latest clothing launch, G Label.

As we wind down for the festive season, a pair of pyjamas often feels as glamorous as your Christmas party sparkles, so it’s no wonder that Comer is just as excited about her festive earrings as she is about her Hollywood glam. And what is Christmas if not a chance to celebrate the roast potato, sartorially and otherwise?

Images: Getty, Jodie Comer

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