People Are Here for Al Greens Response to Lil Bs Question About Whether Hes Still Alive

After the rapper poses the hilarious question on Twitter, some online users confess that they also thought the ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart’ crooner was dead.

AceShowbizAl Green has let everyone know that he’s not dead. After Lil B asked on social media whether he’s still alive, the “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” crooner offered a simple answer which many online users found hilarious.

Over the weekend, Lil B randomly wrote on Twitter, “DAMN AL GREEN IS STILL ALIVE?!!!! I HAVE BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK!!! WOW!!!!!!!” Having caught wind of the emcee’s tweet, Al Green simply replied, “Yes.”

Surprised by the 75-year-old singer’s response, the “Like a Martian” spitter exclaimed, “JESUS CHRIST! GOD BLESS YOU!!” The hip-hop star went on to gush, “IM FINA TELL MY MOM AND DAD AL GREEN TWEETED ME!! LOL.”

Many have since laughed at the interaction between the two musicians. One fan in particular wrote, “LMFAOOOO it’s the ‘yes’ for me.” Another echoed the sentiment, “it’s the casual ‘ yes ‘ for me,” adding one laughing crying emoji. A third chimed in, “It’s the simple ‘yes’ in response to that nonsense for me.”

Some others, on the other hand, confessed that they shared the same question with Lil B. “Well I be damn. I thought he was dead too,” one person commented, with someone else writing, “Chile I ain’t know he was still alive either.” A third penned, “hell I wondered the same thing too tho!”

It’s understandable that Lil B thought Al Green was dead. He has long been devoting himself to the church and becoming a pastor. “I was hooked up on jet planes, good times, fast women. Everything of mine was fast,” Al Green told The Guardian in 2010.

“I was born again in 1973, when I was just getting started in music,” the Arkansas native further explained. “I looked up at the sky saying: ‘What are you doing? I just had a song on the radio and now you gonna give me religion?’ “

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