Dennis Rodman Hits Up Kanye West on Video, 'Send Me Some Shoes!'

You know what rich people love more than anything? FREE STUFF!

Just ask Dennis Rodman who sent a video message to Kanye West asking for some comped Adidas sneaks … and Kanye isn’t exactly saying no!

The rapper just posted the video message he got from Rodman — in which the NBA legend praises all the work he’s been doing with his Yeezy brand.

“Love what you doing with Adidas man, keep it up brother.,” Rodman said.

He added, “Send me some shoes sometime, what the f**k man?!”

Hey, Yeezys ain’t cheap — they retail for $220 a pair if you can find them in stock. The resale market is even more expensive, with some pairs running north of $1,000!

Rodman also wished Ye a happy birthday (West turned 43 on June 8) … but it’s unclear if Rodman just sent a belated message or if Ye just got around to watching it.

Either way, Kanye seemed to dig it — replying back to Dennis on Twitter … “Blessings from one of my heroes, The incredible alien level Dennis Rodman!”

Rodman has an interesting group of friends — everyone from Donald Trump to Kim Jong-Un … and now Kanye!

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