Heartbreaking pic of Star Hobson's bruised face shows she was FAILED by authorities just like Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

A HEARTBREAKING picture shows murdered Star Hobson with a bruised face as it emerged she was failed by the authorities FIVE times.

The 16-month-old suffered a campaign of cruelty by mum Frankie Smith, 20, and her lover Savannah Brockhill, 28, leading up to her death.

Star was punched with "considerable force" 21 times over a three-hour period by pub bouncer Brockhill on one brutal occassion.

She was also made to walk upstairs with a broken shin and forced to face a wall as "punishment".

It comes as

  • Star Hobson's mum and her lover were convicted over the youngster's death
  • Her family warned the authorities she would be 'another Baby P'
  • Haunting videos show Star's final months before she was murdered

Tragically, her plight was hidden away in the couple's house of horrors in Keighley, West Yorks, as they shielded behind lockdown.

And just like the chilling case of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, there were a string of missed opportunities that could have potentially saved her life.

Worried family and friends called the authorities five times – with her great-grandmother even warning social workers: "We don't want another Baby P on our hands here, do we?"

But each time a loved one reported their fears, the complaints were either not thoroughly followed up or just ignored entirely.

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Police today released a haunting image of injured Star that sparked calls to social services as Brockhill was found guilty of murder.

Smith was convicted of causing or allowing the death of a child but cleared of murder.

The chilling photo shows Star with a huge, angry bruise covering her right cheek.

She also appears to have cuts to her eye and scratches on the bottom of her face.

It was taken in July last year – just two months before Star was stomped to death by Brockhill.

Star had been placed back into Smith's care months before her death after living with her great-gran Anita Smith and her partner David Fawcett.

Soon after, her worried family reported their fears she was being abused to social services but it was never followed up.


David said: "When Anita made her complaint, she actually said, 'look, we don't want another Baby P on our hands here, do we?'.

"The lady on the phone from social services said, 'how do you mean?', and we were shocked at her reaction.

"Well, Baby P died through abuse, and we're making a complaint.

"My first reaction would have been, 'yeah, right, we're on the ball, we'll sort this one out, we don't want another Baby P. Especially with them being the social services.

"It just came across as being a bit shambolic, really, Absolutely shambolic."

David revealed how his blood would "run cold" whenever he saw Brockhill arrive in her car, which they branded Christine after the possessed vehicle.

He also believes the family wouldn't be in the heartbreaking "position" they are in if Smith hadn't met bouncer Brockhill.


The postie said: "I used to say to Anita 'Christine's outside Frankie's house again' and Anita used to say 'you do realise little Star's going to finish up a star in the sky, she's got the right name'.

"She always said that, and people used to tell her 'Anita, please don't say that'. And that was said from May up to September. Just horrendous."

Desperate for someone to take notice, David posted two pictures on Facebook – one showing Star with bruises and one without.

He captioned it: "From this to this in five weeks. What's happening Frankie?"

But the mum just blocked him and several members of the family from seeing Star.

They were not even allowed to attend her funeral.

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