My brother cheated on his wife and expected me to be happy about it

DEAR DEIDRE: MY brother cheated on his wife – my best friend – with another woman and expected me to be happy about it.

My friend was distraught.

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My brother is 51 and I am 48. We were inseparable as kids but when he had his affair, things changed.

I met his new woman once but she walked out saying, “You haven’t come to see me”. She knew I didn’t like her.

He moved house, didn’t communicate and didn’t come to our dad’s funeral. He visited Mum but was so rude to her.

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Now my kids and Mum are on speaking terms with him again, so he gets invited to family gatherings and I’m the outsider. I’m heartbroken.

I’ve reached out to him but he said to my daughter, “Your mum almost broke up my second marriage. I’ll never speak to her again”.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It’s sad relations have broken down to such an extent.

He should not have cheated but then nobody can judge what is really going on in a relationship.

Make sure your own family relationships don’t break down by seeing them on different occasions.

You will find emotional support through, which helps people who become estranged from their family or a key family member.

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