Matt Baker parents age: How old are Matt Baker’s parents Janice and Mike?

Matt Baker teases new series of Our Farm in the Dales

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Matt Baker has opened his family farm up to fans in the More 4 series Our Farm in the Dales. The show brings together the presenter’s family as he’s joined by his wife Nicola Mooney and children, Luke and Molly. Baker’s parents Janice and Mike also make a regular appearance on the show, still helping out on the farm.

How old are Matt Baker’s parents?

Our Farm in the Dales has been a big hit for Channel 4, with the More 4 series gearing up for its Christmas special.

All of the Baker family will be making an appearance, of course, once again welcoming viewers to their 100-acre family farm.

Located in the Durham Dales, the Baker family showcases their daily lives, with Janice and Mike proving to be fan-favourites on the series.

The family has always been open about their lives, struggles, and joys of living in such a beautiful location.

Janice is 66-years-old and Mike is 78-years-old, with Baker, 43, initially returning to the family farm to help his parents.

After leaving The One Show, Baker received the upsetting news that Janice had an accident while tending to the sheep.

Janice had broken her leg, and with Mike now the only one to work on the farm, Baker and his family made the decision to live there and help them out.

This was all catalogued in the first season of the programme, with the show proving to be immensely popular immediately – gaining over one million views for its pilot episode.

Baker has loved the experience of returning to his beloved home, despite the less fortunate reason for it.

Writing in iNews, Baker explained: “It was one of those scenarios when you automatically go into rescue mode, so we downed tools, went up there and from day one, it was all hands on deck.

“We live a life that’s up and down the whole time anyway – I am a northerner through and through and the Durham Dales, where I grew up, are like a magnet; I can’t stay away.”

Baker’s parents have lived on the farm for decades and still work hard to ensure it will be there for decades to come. 

When does the Christmas Special air?

Fans will get to return to the Durham Dales on December 13 at 9pm on More 4.

It promises to be a festive episode for viewers, though the Bakers can’t slow down for the holiday season.

Their farm operates 365 days a year, so it will once again be all hands on deck for Baker and the family. 

The synopsis reads: “Before the winter storms hit, Matt takes charge of building a roadway that will allow mum Janice to safely access the hill field and after taking down some trees, one is salvaged to be the courtyard Christmas tree.

“Feeding up time is an essential at this time of year and the whole family pitch in distributing festive treats to the farm’s animals.”

Of course, there will also be some Christmas themed activities, with Matt and Mike in the workshop building a nativity-themed surprise for the donkeys. 

Meanwhile, Nicola, Luke, and Molly will be in the kitchen making some seasonal treats and decorations for the farm.

Our Farm in the Dales airs Monday, December 13 at 9pm on More4 and All 4.

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