I'm a travel expert and this is why you should never fly when you have a bad cold

A TRAVEL expert has revealed why you should never fly when you have a cold – as it can lead to an agonising journey.

Feeling bunged up isn't nice at any time, but add in changes in air pressure while you're on a plane, and it can lead to a painful flight.

Tom Tripp, former aviation journalist and executive at Boeing, has shared his experience of flying with a cold on Quora .

He wrote: "I once flew from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles while suffering from a very mild cold.

"I had no fever and didn't feel particularly congested. However, my sinuses and inner ear had a great difficulty equalising pressure upon descent into L.A.

"In fact, one ear simply would not clear and I was nearly in tears with agonising pain upon landing.

"It took a couple of hours on the ground to fully clear, during which the pain subsided and eventually disappeared."

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A Tripadvisor user also had a terrible experience when she took a flight while she had a cold.

She wrote on the review site: "The last time I flew with a head-cold I swore I would never do it again, because I arrived nearly deaf and that deafness persisted for about a week."

A flight attendant has shared a tip on how to reduce your chances of your ears popping on a plane.

She said in a Tiktok video: "I always carry some kind of nose spray or cold or sinus medicine to keep with me.

"If I ever feel like I'm getting stuffy on a flight, I definitely always make sure to take it right before take off and 30 minutes or so before we land."

Meanwhile, a flying nanny has shared tips for making sure your child's ears don't hurt while they are on a flight.

A flight attendant has also revealed the one favour you should never ask for on a plane, as they will always say no.

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