I was labelled ‘plus size’ even though I have a 26 inch waist – it’s an insult to plus size women

A WOMAN clapped back at commenters who said she was ‘plus size’ even though she has a 26-inch waist – she said it was an insult to plus size women.

Rion originally posted a video saying that she was extremely full after eating, and commenters labelled her as “plus size”.

In response to the clip, several commenters wrote: “Plus size queen.”

Rion was shocked by these responses, as she is not plus size and actually has a 26-inch waist. 

In a video responding to the comments, she said:  “I’m 4’11”, 124 pounds, 26-inch waist, 32 in the bust, 41 around the a**. 

“Don’t offend my plus size queens, please.”

Many viewers agreed that calling Rion plus size was insulting to women who actually do wear larger dress sizes.

“The comments are so disrespectful to plus sized people. It’s not a joke to shame other people. Putting down other people doesn’t make it funny”, wrote one commenter.

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A second said: “She’s not plus sized. Even if she was, what’s the point of saying it?”

Some, however, said that Rion had interpreted the phrase “plus size” as an insult when it really isn’t.

“It’s not an insult unless you see it as an insult yourself”, said one viewer, and another agreed: “She said ‘don’t offend my plus sized queens’. I’m confused. You sounded pretty defensive about being plus sized?”

Others just thought that people should keep their opinions about others’ bodies to themselves.

One viewer said: “Y’all are so insecure. You don’t like how you look, fine, not her problem and not her fault.”

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