'Happiness' Episode 10: Who Is Andrew and His Secret Identity?

One of the small mysteries in the Happiness Korean drama is the identity of one of its characters. Happiness Episode 10 develops the storyline into uncharted territories fans did not see coming. Andrew (Lee Joo-seung) was introduced in episode 4 of the K-drama as an elusive character who always covered his face and wore glasses.

The K-drama takes a turn when Andrew’s identity and part of his story is revealed. Andrew’s reveal proves the infected residents are not the only evil in the building.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Happiness.]

Andrew’s face was never fully revealed in ‘Happiness’

The K-drama centers around a new viral infection transmitted through a failed drug by a pharmaceutical company. The residents of a building are forced to quarantine as civilians turn into blood-thirsty monsters. Part of the group barricaded inside is a wife and husband cleaning crew and one employee. The employee’s name is Andrew.

Later on in the K-drama, Yi-hyun (Park Hyung-sik) asks for his I.D. but is unable to confirm his identity. The I.D. card’s face has been scratched out, and Andrew refuses to take off his mask. Throughout Happiness, Andrew remains an odd character that viewers know nothing about.

Andrew hides a dark secret in ‘Happiness’ Episode 10

Happiness Episode 10 takes a dire and drastic turn by the end. In the episode, Kim Se-hun (Han Joon-woo) goes missing. Everyone thinks he left the building after leaving a suspicious note. He, too, was revealed to have taken the Next drug in previous episodes.

Sae-bom (Han Hyo-joo) and Yi-hyun still believe Se-hun is somewhere in the building and split up. Yi-hyun follows gnat bugs and finds Se-hun’s dead body covered in lime powers with his throat ripped open. It is the same Modus Operandi they found with the cleaning lady. Meanwhile, Sae-bom gets an update from the research facility.

Background checks on the tenants reveal a young man was found dead in his apartment. The tenant’s name is the I.D. Andrew claims is his and had the face scratched off. Sae-bom realizes Andrew lies and finds the Yi-hyun and the cleaning lady’s I.D. in his backpack.

The building tenants are in cahoots with Andrew in ‘Happiness’ Episode 10

The K-drama gets even tenser when one of the residents tricks Kim Jung-kook (Lee Joon-hyuk) to open the door. Andrew rushes in and stabs him repeatedly. When Sae-bom and Yi-hyun return to the apartment, they find the tenants waiting outside with boxes and urge them to go inside.

Andrew sits with Park Seo-yoon (Song Ji-woo) while she cries as he plays Jenga. Yi-hyun enters and finds Jung-koon on the floor bleeding. Andrew finally reveals his face to Sae-bom.

Fans have theories about Andrew in ‘Happiness’

Andrew’s story is complex and has fans wondering who or what he really is. One fan on Twitter noticed a “wanted” poster in the lobby during an episode. On the poster is Andrew’s face. It could be that Andrew is a wanted murderer. Fans theorize Andrew kills infected tenants and the others use it to their advantage for supplies.

Fans on Reddit theorize Andrew is also infected. “He also likes being in open air. (As per the latest episode, the infected like being in open air because Bo-ram asked Sae-bom to take her outside),” said one fan.

In episode 9, he willing donates his blood to root out other infected. Fans theorize Andrew might be a mutated version of the virus. “New type of “zombie” who can exhibit self-control and disguise as a normal person will come up,” said one fan. Andrew’s story and motives remain a mystery for now.

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