A Place In The Suns Laura Hamilton and Danni Menzies stun in skimpy swimwear on ski trip

Danni Menzies says she can hear snoring from another room

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32-year-old Danni Menzies and 39-year old Laura Hamilton have been staying in chalet-style accommodation at El Lodge and Spa in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain. The pair seemed in high spirits as they posed for photos in the snowy landscape, despite the setting being the polar opposite of their sun-drenched backdrops on the Channel 4 show.

We had no ski attire but we made it happen

Laura Hamilton

In one photo, Danni balances precariously, yet delightedly, on her skis.

The pair also braved the cold and stripped to their swimsuits for jacuzzi photos.

This morning, Laura posted a gallery of photos to her Instagram account, captioning the post: “We totally made the most of our afternoon off and we had a blast doing it…

“It was totally last minute and I only called Danni on Monday and said, ‘I know you will think I’m mad but how do you fancy trying to make it to the mountains on Thursday afternoon?’”

Fortunately for the adventure-hungry property expert, Danni agreed immediately – and so their impromptu ski trip began.

She continued: “Danni loves skiing as much as I do and I couldn’t have wished for a better ski/spa/dinner buddy!”

Joking at their lack of preparations, she added: “We had no ski attire but we made it happen!!!!”

She described her hotel as “the best in Sierra Nevada”, praising “the setting, the interior design, the service, the spa, the food…”

Of their blink and you’ll miss it ultra quick getaway, she added to Danni: “Let’s do it again soon… so grateful to spend such a WICKED afternoon with you.

“Now we both have to get back to work and sell some houses…”

Photos showed the friends grinning jubilantly while they slipped into ski boots, gliding along the slopes and sitting down for drinks with a stunning backdrop beside them.

They also gamely hit the pool, in spite of the icy temperatures, which recently plummeted to minus six degrees Celsius during the night time, and only a little higher in the day.

Laura sported a striking snakeskin-print swimsuit, while Danni flashed the flesh amid the chill in a revealing black bikini.

For Laura, the trip had been an add-on to an already packed itinerary.

Her Instagram account also pictured her meeting horses in Malaga a couple of days earlier and hiking along Caminito del Rey, an aerial path by the steep walls of a gorge.

The trip is considered potentially perilous and is for dedicated thrill-seekers only, as five people have died in the past attempting the hike, with many more suffering accidents.

It was once regarded as the most dangerous hike in the world, but reopened a few years ago with advanced safety measures.

Danni was less vocal with her 86,000 followers but did post a few photos as well, captioning them: “Afternoon blast with @laurahamiltontv.”

“Thanks for having us @ellodge what an incredible set up.”

The travel, property and lifestyle presenters will now be returning to work, but their photo mementoes capture the moment.

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