You've been putting your bra on wrong – expert reveals 'right' way that doesn't damage your underwear

AFTER dragging ourselves out of bed, putting the kettle on and checking our phones, the next thing we do every morning is chuck on any old bra.

But in our sleep-deprived state, we've never stopped to consider if we were putting them on the "correct" way – until now.

Although it's incredibly fiddly to secure the clasp of your bra while it's already on your back, the experts at lingerie store Upbra urged customers to follow this approach.

Warning people of the "wrong" way to put on your bra, they said: "Please don't hook in the band at the front of your torso and spin it around."

And if you're anything like us, you might have been unknowingly doing your underwear a LOT of damage. Whoops.

They added: "You should always hook the bra in at your back so you are not having to twist and deform your bra."


Well if you struggle to do up your bra this way, the experts have a top tip to make it easier.

They continued: "The most effective way is to bend over slightly at your waist as you hook in the back of the bra.

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"Then to use your hands to scoop your breasts into each cup.

"The cup should fully encapsulate each breast without any spillage over the sides or top of the cups.

"If you do have spillage or gapping, you may need a different size bra."

How to measure your bra size at home:

To measure your bra size at home, all you need to be wearing is a non-padded bra and have a tape measure in inches to hand.

First, you need to measure around the bottom of the band of the bra directly under the bust – making sure the tape is very snug.

Take the measurement in inches and round it up to the nearest inch.

If the size is an even number add four, and if it is odd add five – this will then give you your back size.

Then take the tape measure across your bust and again measure in inches, rounding to the nearest inch.

The difference in the inches between the two then gives the cup size. For example, a one inch difference would make you an A, two a B, three a C, four a DD, five a DD, six an E and so on.

So if your back size is 34 inches and your bust size is 37 inches, that would make you a 34C.

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