And Just Like That Salvages the Spirit of its Predecessor By Keeping Up With the Times

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

And just like that, we’ve officially entered a new era of the Sex and the City franchise! The premiere episodes of …And Just Like That, HBO Max’s new reboot series, arrived on Dec. 9 and there are some BIG changes happening in the show (pun intended). From the get-go, the biggest concern fans had with the show returning was: will it reflect what today’s world looks like? Well, the good news is the revival series is on a mission to be as relevant as its predecessor. Which means …And Just Like That has plenty of current references that try to keep up with the times.

For one thing, the show wastes no time addressing the two biggest elephants in the room: COVID-19 and Samantha’s (Kim Cattrall) exit. …And Just Like That gives a small nod to the former with the first punchline of the premiere episode — which seems to set the series after the pandemic. “Remember when we had to legally stand six feet apart?” Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) asks in the opener. Shortly after, we also find out Samantha has started a new life for herself in London and doesn’t keep us with the rest of the girls anymore.

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