Pregnant woman given dirty looks & called lazy for refusing to give up seat

A pregnant woman has claimed she found herself in an awkward situation this week when an older woman requested she give up her seat.

We all know it’s polite to offer your chair to someone who is more vulnerable to falls on public transport – whether elderly, pregnant or disabled – but who gets priority?

Well, this lady says she was given “dirty looks” by other passengers for refusing to budge even though she also has a right to use priority seats, reports the Mirror.

Posting on Reddit, the younger woman said she’d just finished an eight hour shift and was 18 weeks pregnant. She sat downstairs on the bus as she had heavy bags and didn’t want to fall down the stairs.

She purposefully avoided the priority seats and was sat behind them, but an older woman with a talking stick asked her to move.

Her post on the Am I The A**hole forum read: "AITA for not giving up my seat on the bus?

"So I (26F) got on the bus after an eight hour day in work. Now I get on at very first stop on the bus route and get off at the very last stop the whole journey takes about two hours.

"When I got on the bus it was quite busy on the bottom deck, with only one double seat left available. Usually, I would go upstairs when it's this busy but this time I had about 4-5 slightly heavy bags with me and didn't feel safe trying to get up the stairs with them especially since I'm 18 weeks pregnant, so I sat on the seat downstairs.

"About halfway through the journey, an older lady with a stick got on the bus and she asked me to move. She wasn't even polite when she asked and honestly I thought she meant move over so she could sit next to me.

“So I moved my bags and started to scoot over, when she 'No, No I meant can you find another seat, this seat is reserved for disabled people. You are clearly notdisabled.There are plenty of seats upstairs'.

"These seats were not priority seats for disabled people the ones in front of me were (which had an empty seat) but these ones were not. so I replied, 'Sorry, I really don't feel safe going up the stairs with all these bags, I don't mind you sitting next to me though, we both have our masks on'."

Apparently, the woman said she didn’t want to sit next to anyone due to safety concerns and then told the pregnant woman to "move your lazy fat behind and give the seat to someone who needs it".

The 26-year-old was upset but hated confrontation.

She added: “I absolutely hate people who use their pregnancy as an excuse, which means I hate what I said next.

"Lady I am pregnant, I am not going up those stairs with these bags and risking a fall. If you really want a seat to yourself ask someone else to move."

A bloke across from them then offered his seat but gave the young woman a “dirty look”.

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She added: "The lady spent the next 10-15 minutes talking with the other oldies on the bus about how the kids these days have no respect for their elders or people with disabilities, or how they would have never have spoken to someone like in their day.

"This happened a couple of days ago, while my boyfriend and my dad said I was in the right, but I can't help but feel like I acted like an entitled brat."

However, more than 500 people responded and said she was not in the wrong.

One person said: "NTA. You should've pointed out where the disabled seats were. Also, f**k older people who think their age entitles them to respect… they're usually the ones lacking manners."

While another added: "You are 18 weeks pregnant and you were making the right decision to keep you and baby safe."

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