I'm A Celeb LIVE: Snoochie Shy kicked out of the castle – after it came down to her and Naughty Boy

I’M A Celebrity has sent Snoochie Shy home after it came down to her or Naughty Boy to be axed.

But first, there was a new leader in the shape of Louise Minchin – but Frankie Bridge didn't look happy when she wasn't picked as the newsreader's deputy.

It comes after the camp has been rocked by rows, with David Ginola the latest big name to lose it with Naughty Boy last night.

But bookies reckon it's Olympic diver Matty Lee who will end up getting the chop…

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  • Jamie Downham


    Snoochie Shy has become the third star to be kicked out of camp.

    She responded in characteristic fashion by whooping and screaming before announcing: "I'm going to have a snogging session."

    It came down to her and music producer Naughty Boy as to who was going to get the axe but he lived to annoy the camp's chefs for another day.

  • Jamie Downham


    All that effort and they're rewarded with… octopus.

    Frankie looks like she's rather have had all that churned up food she was deluged with during the trial.

    Would it kill the producers to rustle up some burgers. We know they have some on site – we've seen Ant and Dec eating them for lunch!

  • Jamie Downham


    She was drenched in curry and spun around but she put in a strong performance in the Grim Grinder, bagging seven out of nine stars for camp.

    Though many fans are insisting Ant and Dec helped her.

    One tweeted: "Well Done Frankie…Ant and Dec only helped you on 4 answers."

  • Jamie Downham


    Frankie is being spun around in some mad spinning cage while being asked ridiculous questions about cows and drenched in slop.

    "What the hell is that?" she screams as she's doused in yellow liquid and asked about brie.

    Dec replies: "It's stinky, stinky cheese." Silly question, really.

  • Jamie Downham


    Frankie looks horrified at tonight's task – which involves answering questions.

    "There's a reason I'm a singer!" she wails to Ant and Dec. But there is an upside: "It's not an eating trial so I'm in."

  • Jamie Downham


    It'll take more than a bit of tinsel to spruce up that grim old gaff, but Snoochie and co gave it a go. "I love that," says Dec.

    "But you're forgetting once thing," says Ant. "We've got soap stars in there. And soap stars and Christmas are not a good mix.

    "Before you know it we'll find out Matty's David's real dad, Danny's pregnant and Louise is having an affair with Naughty Boy." LOL.

  • Jamie Downham


    David Ginola is being replaced as camp leader by Louise Minchin – who got to choose her own deputy. She picked Snoochie Shy.

    But did you see Frankie Bridge's face? She didn't look even slightly impressed.

  • Jamie Downham


    In what has become a regular feature on I'm A Celeb, Ant and Dec have taken a not-so-subtle pop at Boris Johnson.

    Tonight's incolved them talking about the celebration that "definitely didn't" follow David Ginola being replaced as camp leader.

    Ant told viewers: "This fictional party definitely didn't include cheese and wine or a secret Santa."

    Dec added: "Evening Prime Minister… for now!"

  • Jamie Downham


    Matty Lee calls Naughty Boy "so god damn annoying" in the teaser – but could either of them be heading for the castle's exit?

    If bookies are to believed, it's diver Matty who could be facing the chop tonight, despite Naughty winding up just about everyone in camp.

    Ant and Dec opened the voting at the end of last week's show – and as they've just pointed out, you can still save your favourites.

  • Jamie Downham


    There's just over an hour until I'm A Celebrity returns to our screens, though the shows ahead of it have a very different vibe.

    Alan Titchmarsh's Love Your Garden sees the genteel gardener treating a local hero to a new bit of shrubbery.

    Before we witness a line-up of TV stars getting tortured in increasingly bizarre ways for our entertainment.

    Well, you can't say ITV doesn't have something for everyone.

  • Jamie Downham


    It was an emotional one on I'm A Celeb last night with even David Ginola, who looks like he was chiselled out of granite, breaking down in tears.

    When the messages from back home were read out, the former footballer wound up sobbing – and it wasn't even his letter!

    To be fair, Danny Miller's fiancee knows how to put together a heart-rending letter. If you didn't catch it, see the full moment here.

  • Jamie Downham


    Fans have been left wondering who's going to be next to get in a tangle with Naughty Boy.

    The music producers has so far appeared to irritate Adam Woodyatt, Danny Miller and David Ginola – but his biggest source of conflict is now out of the camp.

    As one viewer mused on Twitter: "Who’s Naughty Boy gonna argue with about dinner now Kadeena has left camp?"

    Given his track record on the show so far, he probably won't be short of options.

  • Jamie Downham


    David Ginola was an intimidating presence on the football field – and she's proved just as fearsome in the castle.

    Last night the legend when from chilled to fuming in a matter of moments after Naughty Boy insisted he did the trial.

    If you missed the fireworks, you can see them here – but his actions have sharply divided opinion.

    One fan had no sympathy, writing: "David Ginola behaving like a petulant kid – news flash if you were voted to do the trial you’d have had to do it."

  • Jamie Downham


    The revolving door – if castles had such things – on I'm A Celeb will be spinning again tonight with another big star sent packing.

    They will follow Arlene Phillips and Kadeena Cox out of the door, but who is it going to be?

    Favourites for the chop include diver Matty Lee, who has had less screen time than those Tombola bugs the pop up in the ad breaks.

    But to find out we'll just have to wait and see…

  • Louis Allwood

    How do I vote on I’m A Celebrity using the app?

    Once the show is underway, a quick and easy way to vote is to download the official I’m A Celebrity app which is free.

    It is available for on the App Store, iTunes, and Google Play.

    Once downloaded, you’ll need to enter your date of birth before accessing the content.

    To vote, click on the ‘Vote’ tab at the bottom of the app and when voting is open during the show simply press the button to chose a celebrity.

  • Louis Allwood

    Kadeena explains reason for bust-up

    During her time in camp, Kadeena had bust-ups with Naughty Boy in the kitchen as they argued over cooking.

    She said of him: “Never have two chefs in one kitchen. I love him and we’ll be really good friends outside of this situation, but we butted heads in the kitchen.”

    Despite the music producer causing friction in camp and driving viewers mad, Kadeena was the one who failed to get the votes.

  • Jamie Downham


    I'm A Celebrity returns tonight at 9pm and it's another big one – clocking up a running time of an hour and 20 minutes.

    Another big name is getting the boot from camp tonight, so be sure not to miss this one.

  • Louis Allwood

    "The heating must be on"

    Fans have taken to Twitter to question whether the castle is as cold as campmates have made it out to be.

    During last night’s show, Ant and Dec headed in to the castle to announce who had been voted off.

    Despite heavy winds outside the pair were seen only wearing light suit jackets.

    One fan posted a picture of the stars in one of the castle’s wings.

    They wrote: “Not being funny but I’ve got the central heating on and I’m freezing my t*ts off and Dec is standing about in a castle with a suit jacket on.”

    Other questioned the stars’ gear, writing: “Just wondering how cold it is in the castle when the so called #celebrities get away with wearing t shirts – oh it’s not the heating must be on.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Fans think 'bullying' accusations are exaggerations

    Many think fans were over-reacting with allegations and believe Naughty Boy was not being bullied.

    One wrote: "David has been very patient and calm with Naughty Boy during all his whiny moments so no wonder he lost his s*** with him. Probably been holding it in. You all saying this is "bullying" have clearly never been bullied."

    It all kicked off when Naughty Boy told football legend David he should do the trial last night sparking a row within the camp.

    But the suggestion did not go down well with the former Newcastle megastar, 54, who marched out of camp to talk to producers.

    The star took massive exception to Naughty Boy's suggestion he should do that day's trial when the campmates were told to agree between themselves who should do the trial.

    But the music guru hit back, saying: "There is no need for you to say to me who do I think I am. I'm not allowing this to simmer. I'm not going to sit here and not say how I feel."

  • Louis Allwood

    Fans not happy with recent exit

    Fans have claimed the show is ‘fixed’ as Kadeena was the second to be kicked from the show, leaving Naughty Boy still in the castle.

    Kadeena, 30, lasted 14 days in the Castle – but failed to secure the votes she needed to stay any longer.

    Fans raged on Twitter that she was kicked out over Naughty Boy, who rowed with her over rice and beans earlier in the season.

    One wrote: “WHAT?!! ARE YOU JOKING?! no should not have been Kadeena why is Naughty Boy still there?! such a bloody fix.”

    Another said: “Naughty Boy has managed to p*** everyone off and he’s still there??? If he isn’t gone tonight, it’s a fix!”

  • Louis Allwood

    Arlene revealed stars got to watch Netflix when removed from castle

    At 78, she was the oldest star in Gwrych Castle and had struggled with the harsher conditions in The Clink.

    Details of the lavish stay is the latest luxury touch to this year’s show, after sources revealed heated sand bags were laid around camp and crew were leaving sweets and treats for the celebs.

    Speaking from a comfy sofa as a Christmas tree glistened nearby, Arlene said: "We definitely didn’t get our phones back, I wish.

    "The only thing we had to watch was Netflix. No news, no family contact, nothing."

  • Louis Allwood

    Arlene did her hair during storm quarantine

    Arlene also revealed she was able to do a DIY job on her roots before heading back into camp.

    She said: “For me it was great because I managed to get delivered my Josh Wood (hair dye) and I could do my roots. That was the biggest thrill of a lifetime, to go back without my roots showing. It was a good thing for me.

    “And then we went back into the castle we just immediately got on with the job in hand, getting everything prepared. It was cold, we had to make the fire, get on with it.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Who is left in the show?

    Following last night’s eviction, there are only 9 celebrities left in the castle.

    • Frankie Bridge
    • Matty Lee
    • Naughty Boy
    • David Ginola
    • Adam Woodyatt
    • Simon Gregson
    • Snoochie Shy
    • Louise Minchin
    • Danny Miller

    Cyclone challenge could be AXED

    Bosses are worried that the legendary Celebrity
    Cyclone will have to be abandoned over fears it will freeze over.

    The task sees the stars attempting to grab stars from a slippery hill
    as they’re blasted with wind, water ­cannons, foam and balls.

    Producers for the ITV are closely monitoring the weather for the end
    of the week when they are due to film it, just as Storm Barra is set
    to hit North Wales.

    Bosses have even considered ski suit type costumes instead of the
    lycra knights outfit they wore last year.

    In Australia, where the show
    was filmed pre-pandemic, celebs wore superhero outfits.

    But with snow forecast, ITV chiefs fear it will be too dangerous to
    film as temperatures drop below zero.

    Latest odds to win

    William Hill’s latest odds are:

    • David Ginola – 11-10
    • Frankie Bridge – 4-1
    • Simon Gregson – 9-2
    • Danny Miller – 9-2
    • Naughty Boy – 8-1
    • Adam Woodyatt – 33-1
    • Louise Minchin – 33-1
    • Snoochie Shy – 40-1
    • Matty Lee – 50-1

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