12 Expensive Things Cardi B And Offset Bought For Their Daughter Kulture

Kulture Kiari Cephus came into the world in 2018, and her parents Cardi B and Offset, were over the moon with the arrival of their first daughter. Even before their daughter was born, the couple had been showering her with expensive things. Being successful musicians in the film industry, Cardi B and Offset have amassed a whopping $40 million and $26 million net worth, respectively. The couple does not hesitate to buy their child lavish luxuries and show them to the world on social media. While the couple has an on-again-off-again relationship, one thing never changes; their love for their daughter.

From expensive jewelry and designer handbags to expensive toys and everyday outfits, Kulture Kiari is showered with extravagant gifts every day. The three-year-old has already become an icon with her expensive tastes. Let’s take a look at the crazy expensive things Cardi B and Offset bought their daughter Kulture.

12 Couture Outfits

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Wearing high-end brands like Gucci, Burberry, and Versace, Kulture Kiari has a closet worth thousands of dollars. While stepping out with her mother, Kulture is dressed at the top of her game. Flying in private jets, even as a baby, Kulture was wearing an $830 Versace snowsuit to fly in style.

11 Luxury Kids’ Car

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Purchased from Luxury Kids Cars Club, Cardi B purchased a hot pink Rolls Royce Cullinan for her 2-year-old daughter. The toy car comes with a price tag of $3,000, and Kulture loves to drive around in the car wearing matching clothes and accessories, as noted by People. Her videos with the car are posted on her Instagram account that has 2.3 million followers.

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10 Crystal Sneakers

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Cardi B and Kulture received bedazzling gifts from Reebok when the manufacturer sent crystal sneakers for them. The Mommy-and-Me Sneakers by Reebok were made with Swarovski crystals, and it took 22 man-hours to apply the 13,000 gold, silver, and hot pink crystals onto the shoes.

9 Rose Gold Name Bracelet

Designed by Joe the Jeweler from Shyne Jewelers, Cardi B and Offset bought their daughter a stunning 2-carat rose gold bracelet. With her name Kulture inscribed on the bracelet, it features 140 diamonds. Purchased in 2019, the diamond cost Kulture’s parents a whopping $5,900.

8 Hermès Birkin Bag

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Cardi B always likes to buy her daughter things that match her style. The mother-daughter duo sported matching Hermès Birkin Bags to coordinate with their outfits. Kulture received her pink Birkin Bag as a surprise gift from Offset for her second birthday. According to Insider, the rapper posted the video on Instagram to share Kulture’s adorable reaction after receiving the gift that cost $8,000.

7 Gold Crib

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A crib fit for a princess, Cardi B first shared a glimpse of Kulture’s stunning crib in 2018. Gifted by PreMadonna, the plush oval crib has white drapery and glided trim from the top. The bed is designed in white and gold polka dot, and there is an expertly carved crown on the top. The custom crib costs a few thousand dollars.

6 Rolls Royce Car Seat

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Offset combined safety and luxury when buying a Rolls Royce Car Seat for his daughter Kulture which costs $8,000. The seat is made from a tan-colored fabric and has Kulture’s name emblazoned below the Rolls Royce logo. The rapper took social media to post his expensive purchase for his daughter.

5 Rainbow Hermès Birkin Bag

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Cardi B is a big Birkin fan, and she owns their bags in every color shade. It was no surprise that the rapper got Kulture her second Birkin bag, a big upgrade from her first one. Gifted on her third birthday, the bag costs $45,000, as stated by Vanity Fair. The pastel yellow bag is covered in rainbow-colored Swarovski diamonds.

4 Charm Bracelets

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In May 2019, Cardi B splashed out $80,000 to make her 10-month old daughter shine with sparkly bracelets. The rapper purchased nine miniature diamond bracelets made in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, as well as a pair of diamond stud earrings. The three-year-old is often spotted wearing the bracelets on a casual day.

3 Custom World Party Necklace

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To celebrate Kulture’s first birthday in style, the couple splashed out a whopping $100,000 on a diamond necklace, as reported by TMZ. The extravagant custom jewelry was inspired by Kulture’s favorite TV show World Party. The pendant and chain are made of white gold, diamonds, and colored enamel.

2 Charm Necklace

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Designed by Elliot Eliantte, Cardi B splashed out big for her daughter’s third birthday. A remarkable gift for Kulture was a $150,000 charm necklace. It comprises a set of diamonds and five charms: Minnie Mouse, Chanel logo, a Birkin Bag, a heart wrapped in a box, and the letter K for Kulture.

1 Richard Mille Watch

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While many people only dream of buying a Richard Mille watch, Kulture Kiari was gifted a $250,000 watch for her third birthday by her parents. Kulture wore the diamond-embezzled pink watch during her Disney princess-themed birthday bash.

From expensive clothes and accessories to jewelry and watches, Cardi B and Offset have loved to spoil their little girl. The couple shows their love and affection with their gifts, and with the birth of their son in November 2021, they have more room for gifts and accessories.

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