‘So resilient’ Susanna Reid praises Kate Garraway for coping with Derek health heartbreak

Marr: Susanna Reid discusses Kate Garraway's husband

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Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid has praised her colleague Kate Garraway for the way she’s managed to cope amid her husband Derek Draper’s health battle. Derek was diagnosed with coronavirus in March 2020 and was subsequently put into an induced coma to protect his organs. He returned home earlier this year, but is said to require round the clock care. During an appearance on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning, Susanna opened up about how “resilient” her co-star Kate has been since Derek’s health struggles began.

Looking through the big news stories of the day, the journalist spoke about how people are beginning to worry about the possibility of new coronavirus restrictions impacting Christmas.

Susanna commented: “There is this persistent point that the government makes one set of rules for all of us, but there is a special set of rules which is followed by those at the top.”

Speaking about the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, she added: “If he’s going to introduce more rules which would restrict our Christmas, people could quite rightly say ‘Well hang on a moment, last Christmas you didn’t follow the rules. So, why should we follow them this Christmas?’”

She went on to discuss how much her Good Morning Britain co-star Kate has been affected by the pandemic.

Susanna explained: “One of the people who’s really been affected during this pandemic is my colleague Kate Garraway of course.”

Andrew Marr said: “We’ve had her on the programme, yes, talking about Derek Draper, her husband.”

Susanna continued: “He is one of the worst affected patients from Covid who’s survived and he is of course at home right now.

“There is a piece in The Mail on Sunday this morning because of course she [Kate] is about to take over Life Stories, Piers Morgan’s programme on ITV.

“His very last Life Stories interview is with Kate and a huge amount of it of course is about Derek.

“She talks about the fact that most of the time Derek is not able to communicate with her.

“But, very occasionally he’ll say those three precious words ‘I love you’. It’s such an emotional story.

“I was there in the audience with her children and it’s an incredibly moving story and she’s been so resilient throughout this pandemic,” she concluded.

Kate’s episode of Life Stories is set to air on ITV on Sunday evening and will see her open up about Derek’s health.

During the interview Kate struggled to hold back her tears while speaking about her husband, saying: “I’m not giving up on him – ever.

“He will have moments of clarity and then it’s like he disappears again.”

Kate revealed the virus “devastated” Derek from the “tip of his head to the top of his toe”.

She explained Derek’s liver, digestive system, heart and nervous system were all affected.

“We’re pretty sure the inflammation did pass through the brain. He still can’t communicate,” Kate said.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories airs Sunday at 8pm on ITV.

The Andrew Marr Show airs Sundays at 9am on BBC One.

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