Swarovski Is Making a 140-Facet Crystal Master Chief Mjolnir Helmet from 'Halo'

Swarovski is celebrating with 343 Industries and Xbox for the 20th anniversary of the Halo franchise and the release of Halo Infinite.

These crystal collectibles arrive as Master Chief’s iconic Mjolnir Helmet with 140 facets, and Energy Sword crafted with 204 facets from 13 different cut crystal pieces.

“At Swarovski, we know gaming is the future, and we are incredibly excited to be entering the gaming space with this partnership. The collaboration between Swarovski and Halo delivers adventure and mystery – it has been a pleasure to step into this fantastic realm and join with Xbox for the 20th anniversary of Halo” says Michele Molon, CEO a.i. at Swarovski.

Each crystal piece is limited to 117 pieces to commemorate Master Chief’s Spartan number and will be sold via sweepstakes on December 9.

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