BBCs Naga Munchetty warns Jon Kay dont look at me after snog count admission

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BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty was forced to shut down her fellow presenter Jon Kay on Thursday, after he made a cheeky admission about keeping count of snogs on the programme.

During an interview with GP Dr Rosemary Leonard, Jon thanked the medical professional for "upping the snog count" he was keeping on Breakfast.

But Naga wasn't happy with Jon's quip, as she warned him: "Don't look at me."

It came after a discussion with political correspondent Adam Fleming on the latest tongue-in-cheek government advice about 'no snogging strangers under the mistletoe' at Christmas parties.

Deciding to quiz Dr Rosemary on the advice, Jon asked: "Here's a question you'll love to answer, Rosemary. Should people be snogging at Christmas parties this year?

"I ask it not out of personal interest, but a government minister said last night on the news that she thought that should be avoided – but she's been accused, again, of some mixed messages from the government about what should be happening and whether the government should be stating on that.

"What do you think – snogging?"

Rosemary advised: "I think if you're going to use the mistletoe just use it with a bit of caution."

But Jon wasn't satisfied with her answer, as he chastised: "That's not terribly clear, Rosemary."

Sighing, she forged ahead: "People have to make their own minds up on this one. For young people who are snogging under the mistletoe, right now you are far more likely to get a really nasty cough and a cold which are far more rampant.

"So if you snog somebody you're putting yourself at risk of getting a virus of some sort."

Laughing, Jon quipped: "I don't think we've ever had the word snog on Breakfast quite as much as we've had it this morning. Thank you for upping our snog count! Thank you for joining us, Rosemary – we'll speak to you soon."

Sensing Naga's discomfort, Jon awkwardly told her: "I'm talking about the use of the word, not the action."

Fuming, Naga said: "Don't look at me when you say that word."

Giggling, Jon didn't quite seem to take the hint as he said: "We've no mistletoe, you're lucky!"

Naga couldn't wait to change the subject as sports presenter Mike Bushell appeared on the sofa, observing: "You can't get any further away from us!"

"No, I'm trying to inch away off the end of the sofa!" he giggled, as Jon said: "You're safe, you're safe!"

Naga quipped: "It's not the old snogathon here – we love the word snogging."

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am every day on BBC One.

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