I am the world's most festive woman, I have 168 Christmas trees in my home and spend £2,200 every year on decorations

A MUM has revealed how her Christmas tree obsession has seen her decorating 168 firs every year.

Shay, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, bought her first tree in 1982 and has since spent over £75,000 on decorations for her home.

The mum and grandmother begins her decorating process on the first weekend in October and doesn’t stop until she reaches December, squeezing the project around her full time job as a hairdresser.

Speaking on TLC’s My Crazy Obsession, she says: “I am insane and I’m the first to admit that this touches on the basis of insanity.”

Each of Shay’s trees has its own theme, ranging from under the sea to cigarettes and even her goldfish has its own tree – in fact there’s not one room you won’t find without one.

She says: “The smallest is probably six inches tall and it’s a little metal tree and then the largest is a 12ft and it has five crates of audience and it takes 12 hours to decorate.

“There’s trees in the laundry room, there’s trees in the garage, I haven’t got one in the closet yet but that could happen.

“This is the oddest place where I have a tree, it’s actually in my bathtub, I call it my boudoir tree.

“Even my dog has a tree, it has treats on it and it has hotdog weanies on it so she can just take a bite any time she wants.”

With so many trees to decorate, Shay dedicates 40 hours a week hanging each of her 50,000 ornaments and 100,000 twinkling lights, measuring the distance between each one 

to make sure they’re perfect.

Having so many trees lit means that Shay’s electricity bills double but she does save money elsewhere.

Her husband Thomas explains: “December and January we don’t need to use the heat to heat the house, it's all done by the decorations inside.”

Thomas is desperate to put an end to his wife’s spending, trying to persuade her to decorate every other year and use the money to take a holiday.

Even though she only buys decorations in the post Christmas sales she still spends over £2,200 on ornaments and trees every year, but she won’t have any of it.

Each year as more trees move in, some things have to move out including Thomas’ car.

Shay says: “There’s lots of more room I haven’t nearly run out of room to put a tree yet

“My dad was a huge Christmas person, we would go buy the scrawniest tree on the lot because that’s all we had. We didn’t have a lot of money but we had a lot of Christmas.”

Since losing both of her parents, and falling out of contact with her siblings, Shay has become even more passionate about Christmas.

“The love that I have for my trees is an extension of what I am missing without the family being in my life,” she says.

Shay even keeps photo albums of her trees to document their growth over the years.

But the moment the festivities are over, Shay begins the mammoth job of taking down her decorations come Boxing Day.

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