Horror moment shots fired at high school football game forcing terrified spectators and players to flee

THIS is the horror moment shots were fired at a high school football game, forcing terrified spectators and players to flee in fear for their lives.

Two people are injured after the shooting in Campbell, California, at around 9pm in the parking lot of Westmont High School.

Students from St. Francis and Serra high schools were playing a division championship game at Westmont when the gunshots rippled through the stadium.

One team dropped to the floor while the other ran for cover as the crowds rushed from the bleachers in panic.

In the shocking footage shared on social media, a man can be heard using the public announcement system telling everyone to "stay calm, please stay down".

People can be seen sprinting away from the pitch in horror in fear of an active shooter.

One parent is also overheard telling his children: "Whatever happens you stay there with your siblings."

Another clip showed panicking players jumping over a fence in a bid to get to safety.

No one in the stadium was wounded, however, two adults were found injured in the parking lot, according to San Jose police.

Both were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Spectator Penelope Correa told KPIX: "All of a sudden you heard five shots at least and everyone didn’t really know what it was at first and then all the students scattered away and started running.

"I didn’t know where my parents were."

Cops said the motive for the shooting remains unknown. No arrests have yet been reported.

Witness Mike Johnson said he noticed fans begin running towards the end zone before hearing multiple gunshots.

The game was stopped with around two minutes left to go but was later resumed, school officials said.

Serra beat St.Francis 16-12.

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