I got addicted to lip filler and put 7.7ml in over 1 year – I wish I’d never taken it so far

FROM cutting an uneven DIY fringe when we were 12 to getting a tattoo of someone's name we don't speak to anymore, there are many questionable choices we've all made at some point.

With the pressure from social media, countless men and women have jumped on the “big and juicy lips'' wagon.

Caitlyn Scott, 23, was one of them.

Insecure about her natural lips, the mum, who has a son, shared her shocking transformation video on TikTok, claiming she loved them every time but adding she wished she had never taken it as far.


Over the years, we have seen many go extreme lengths to achieve a fuller pair of lips – but the book lover took it to the next level.

As she embarked on her filler journey, it seemed that her lips were just never big enough – Caitlyn would always return back for even more during the next appointment.

With each injection, her pout got larger and larger.

Until one day, she reached a personal record – 7.7ml of filler over the course of a year.

Looking back at it, while the 23-year-old loved her lips back then, she regrets having gone so far.

She says she went to the same person every time and wished the specialist had said something or refused the appointment, she added.

“Unfortunately, the aesthetic industry is very poorly regulated,'' says Dr. Matin Ahmadi at Pulse Light Clinic.

Asked if Caitlyn's therapist had gone overboard, the clinical lecturer says: “There is no set stone of how much dermal filler one can get over one year and that is down to the clinician and the patient as what they want to achieve.''

But he adds:“Having said that, 7.7ml in lips only is excessive and it is definitely too much as lips can only expand so much, after that dermal filler will migrate to areas surrounding the lips.''

This, in turn, the doctor claims“can be dangerous and create a very unpleasant appearance.''

Dr. Osman Bashir Tahir, from Halcyon Aestehtics, agrees, adding that“overinjecting distorts natural anatomy, and if the lip cannot take much then the filler migrates outwards.''

In all his 14-year-long experience, he claims he has never injected more than 1ml during a session and advises to wait 2-4 weeks before adding more.

After realising how incredibly humongous her lips had become, Caitlyn, luckily, came back to her senses – the journey had come to an end and she let the fillers dissolve.

“My natural lips are back for good!'' she wrote.

Fellow TikTokers and lip filler fanatics were confused as to how her specialist had even allowed the woman to have more of the lip potion injected, with one writing: “My lip person won't allow me to!''

“Your natural lips are so nice,'' another one complimented her, adding: “They're plump and have a lovely shape!''

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