BTS Puts On Traffic-Stopping 'Butter' Show with James Corden

BTS is at the intersection of global fandom these days — but right now, they’re literally at the intersection of Genesee and Beverly in Los Angeles — with none other than James Corden.

The Korean pop band — consisting of a whopping 7 members — appears to be involved in a major showstopping number in the middle of the day, and in the middle of the street too … right outside of CBS’s Television City in the heart of L.A.

That’s where Corden films his ‘Late, Late Show’ … and it looks like he and his team coordinated an elaborate dance routine of some sort that’s blocking off the roads — complete with costumes, signage, a trampoline … and probably some BTS music too.

Based on what we can see here … they’re plugging the group’s smash hit, “Butter,” which has been at the top of all sorts of music charts lately — emblematic of their pull in general, these guys are very much so on top of the world.

Not only have they been nominated for another Grammy this year, but they just cleaned up at the AMAs — taking home three trophies total — and are selling out concerts everywhere they go, including here … they’ve got a show this weekend at SoFi Stadium, and tickets are reselling for a fortune (about $600 for nosebleeds, just for reference).

Of course, Corden knows talent when he sees it — so it’s no surprise he’s pulling out all the stops for whatever segment they’re filming right now. Besides, this is sorta right up his alley anyway … flash mob-style extravaganzas that stop people in their tracks, and their cars.

Can’t wait to see it when it airs later tonight!

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