Ashley James’ son projectile vomits all over her blow dried hair: ‘It’s like Bridesmaids’

Ashley James, the star of Made in Chelsea and Celebrity Big Brother gave a glimpse in to the realities of being a mum.

There was not a filter in sight as the podcaster shared what motherhood with her son Alfie can really be like, which had followers laughing and grimacing in equal parts.

The host of parenting podcast Mums the Word, shared a photo of herself on her Instagram page showing the vomit of her unwell son on her hair and chest, giving her fans a flavour of what it's like raising her baby son Alfie.

DJ and empowerment coach Ashley, 33, wrote: "This morning I got up early and blow-dried my hair, start the week as you mean to go on and that…"

"So far so good for a Monday morning, however the beginning of the week took a turn for the worse."

She added: "And then Alf projectile vomited all over my face and hair, and then I puked because of the smell of his sick. It was like a scene from Bridesmaids. You have to laugh at these things.."

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The star added: "Now I'm sat in a towel on a stripped bed with wet hair nursing Alf. Oh Tommy has food poisoning. Happy Monday all. Hope your morning has been sick free."

In the Bridesmaids movie, the characters played by Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne get struck down with a messy bout of food poisoning.

Fans of the body positive influencer flocked to give their sympathy and support. A lot of comments appreciated Ashley's honesty on social media. One follower wrote: "Love how you keep it absolutely REAL. all the best."

Another fellow mum added: " Mum life right there, hope your day gets better!!!"

Ashley spoke exclusively to OK! and discussed the feeling of pressure to "snap back" after giving birth.

She explained: "I wouldn’t say from anyone in particular, but it does upset me that it seems to be the narrative around postnatal bodies," she said. "I had Covid-19 around a month ago and I lost weight as I was so ill."

The former reality TV star added: "Alf was also ill and he ended up in hospital so that was obviously stressful and I wasn’t sleeping. I was continuing to breastfeed while being ill which was a challenge, and people celebrated my weight loss as if it was an achievement."

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