You only need three things to clean your garbage disposal – it will make all the caked-on grease and oil melt away

IF YOU have a garbage disposal that’s backed up or is making your kitchen smell, then you might want to take some notes. 

A woman has revealed her easy trick to returning the disposal to pristine condition. 

The woman posted a step-by-step guide that showed exactly how to clean your garbage disposal in a cost-effective way.

“Start off by boiling some water. Once it's boiled, you’re going to pour it down your disposal,” she began in a video showing the process. 

“What this will do is it breaks down any grease or oil that has caked up inside there.”

She said to then dump half a cup of baking soda and between half a cup and one cup of vinegar down the drain.

“Let it fizz up and let it sit for 10 minutes,” the clever woman advised.

“After 10 minutes, pour down some warm water and that’s it.”

However, some have warned against this hack because boiling water has the potential to damage PVC pipes and cause leaks. 

 If you don’t have vinegar, there’s another hack that is said to get your garbage disposal squeaky clean with ice and hot water.

"Shove a bunch of ice down into your garbage disposal," a person said in a different cleaning video shared online. 

"Then while it's running, you turn on the hot water." 

If you do try to clean your disposal this way, you will see some dirty water pool in the sink, but don’t fret – it will go back down the drain and be flushed away. 

Many people in the comment sections for both videos suggest putting lemon peels down the drain to help with cleaning and to freshen the smell of the drain as well. 

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