McDonald’s is giving out free hot drinks to Brits this week

McDonald's is offering a special three day deal for customers as part of its partnership with BBC Children in Need.

The fast food giant often offers special promotions to entice customers into its restaurant – like the annual Monopoly tokens.

But now, the charity partnership has been announced.

On November 14, a McDonald's spokesperson said: "The charity’s partnership with McDonald’s comes as BBC Children in Need continues to address the lasting effects of the Covid-19 crisis on the lives of children and young people across the UK.

"In the wake of the pandemic, issues affecting children and young people have deepened or developed, increasing the need for support to address a range of issues, including the impact of sustained isolation on emotional wellbeing and mental health, increased financial uncertainty and inequality of opportunities."

The deal runs from today until November 18 – so how can you redeem it?

McDonald's free drink offer

In the deal that begins today, customers can grab a free McCafé hot drink with every Happy Meal, saving up to £1.79.

McDonald's said: "The offer comes as part of the brand’s partnership with Children in Need where customers can donate via the MyMcDonald’s App, ahead of its fundraising appeal on Friday [and] as part of the brand’s partnership with Children in Need."

Children in Need will take place on November 19 on both BBC One and BBC Two. The live event will last from 7pm to 10pm.

A spokesperson added: "This partnership will help establish relationships between the projects funded by BBC Children in Need and McDonald’s restaurants in local communities throughout the UK, aiming to reach up to 250,000 young people and empowering McDonald’s’ 120,000 crew members to support community groups and projects near to them.

"The partnership will also signpost youth work services available in local areas – reaching an estimated 750,000 children and young people – through in-restaurant messaging and via the My McDonald’s App."

McDonald's app discount

Those who register to the app by the end of the year can receive a 20% discount on their first order.

"Customers can order via the Drive-thru, McDelivery and Click & Serve using the MyMcDonald’s App."

You can download the My McDonald’s App by clicking here.

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