Bose Black Friday headphones are 40% off right now – but stock is going fast

They make some of the most highly sought-after headphones in the world, but for too many, the price tag on Bose audio kit is just a little too steep.

Until now, that is. Bose has launched an absolutely amazing early Black Friday sale, with more than 40% off some of its famous noise-cancelling headphones and earphones, as well as high-end soundbars.

With many of these pre-Black Friday Bose headphones on sale as refurbished, it means you can save potentially hundreds of pounds on top-of-the-range audio kit for all your favourite music and podcasts. Each item includes free delivery and a two year warranty, so you can get a free replacement if there's anything amiss with your order.

Read on for some of the best deals on Bose right now.

Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II (£169.95 down from £299)

The QuietComfort range are Bose's flagship headphones, and their noise cancellation features have been the saviour of thousands of plane journeys, train rides and library sessions.

The QuietComfort 35s are notable for having Alexa and Google Assistant built in, which means you'll be able to control your phone, apps, and music just by using your voice.

Bose's early Black Friday deal knocks almost 50 percent off the asking price and they're available in silver or black, so jump on them quick before they disappear. Buy here

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Bose Smart Soundbar 300 (£349.95 down from £449.95)

Thanks to their small size and amazing sound quality, soundbars have quickly overtaken surround speakers as the affordable TV HiFi of choice.

Bose's early Black Friday sale slashes £100 off of their Smart Soundbar 300. Like the QuietComfort headphones, it's got Alexa and Google Assistant built in, but this time it even lets you control your TV with your voice.

You can also pair your QuietComfort headphones with the soundbar to allow you to watch TV 'privately', or add 'bass' modules and speakers for a true cinematic experience. Nab one for an amazing £349.95 here

Bose is offering tons more early Black Friday deals on many more earphones, headphones and smart glasses. Browse the full sale here

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