Mum mimics influencer couples relaxing beach day with comical results online

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Celeste Barber has really kept us on our toes with her hilarious parodies.

The mum, who has over 8.5 million followers on Instagram, often targets celebrities and A-listers for her comical jibes.

She's poked fun at Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and even the Jenner sisters too.

Now in her latest Instagram upload, the Australian comedian focused her energy on a couple of influencers enjoying a beach day.

In the funny clip, it starts with the pair sitting on the sand as the woman laid on her partner while enjoying a slice of pizza.

The couple looked on while enjoying the view as the male shared his wine glass and the woman gave him a bite of her food.

Then immediately after the clip cuts onto the comedian who attempts a similar scene with her husband.

But in true Celeste Barber style, she put her own hilarious twist on it.

In the clip, the mum sits back on her husband with a portion of chips before multiple seagulls begin surrounding them.

Celeste then panics and starts chucking her food at the invaders while the couple use each other as shelter from them.

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The video ends with her husband fleeing with Celeste hiding under their thin blanket.

The mum captioned the post: "Dinner and a show."

It racked up 6 million views with hundreds of fans rushing to comment on the hilarious take.

One laughed: "So accurate," while another added: "The best."

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Meanwhile, a third commented: "The true reality of a beach panic."

Recently, she parodied a model's naked Halloween snap and fans loved it.

In Alexis' photo, she can be seen posing completely nude with a cat mask as she pouts at the camera and covers her modesty.

Meanwhile Celeste kept it fairly simple, but it's received a lot of praise from her legion of fans.

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