Libra weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for Oct 24 – Oct 30


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

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 From cash windfalls to winning ways with words, as the sun warms your money sector you can find prizes lining up.  

Best of all is the chance to take an old idea, or project, and future-proof it. 

You don’t need to accept a love offer if it’s not right for you – and this week you have the ability to ask for, and offer, key emotional changes. 

If you’re single, a DJ plays your love tune.

DESTINY DAYS: You can leapfrog to the top of a list on Monday, so don’t give up. 

Try not to dodge a date on Thursday, as this can be a change-everything day.  Smile back over a counter on Friday.

LUCKY LINKS:  A woman who wears colourful glasses. 

Food that’s linked to an “S” country.  Your relative with the oldest home.

RUNE REVELATIONS:  The rune of the dawn, DAEGAZ, falls in your circle, 
and lines you up for fresh starts and new light on so many levels.  

You’ll be extra-alert to chances, and love options, this week and know 
exactly what to do to make them work well for you.   

The new you is someone who dresses, and behaves, in assertive ways – and any sense of having to prove yourself is gone.

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