Gwyneth Paltrow reveals how to romp like a superhero in wacky new Netflix series Sex, Love & Goop

GWYNETH PALTROW is back with more masks, superpowers and flashy gadgets than the Marvel movies she starred in.

And they are all put to use in the pursuit of better SEX.

After playing Pepper Potts in the Iron Man and Avengers films, the 49-year-old actress is determined to give us superpowers in the sack in new Netflix six-parter Sex, Love & Goop.

As a follow-up to last year’s The Goop Lab series, it takes us back into the wacky world of her erotic wellness and lifestyle brand.

And it is just as kinky, exploring what makes us tick.

Gwyneth said: “If people have certain fantasies or they like certain kinks, where does the resistance come from?

"Is it that they’re threatened by it, is it off-putting? Sometimes it’s just the unfamiliar.

“But kinky doesn’t necessarily mean whips and chains. It can mean surprise, adventure, maybe a little bit of a stronger touch.”

Naturally, viewers see all the usual deep-tissue massages with oils and some gentle spanking here and there.

But then there are the more unusual gadgets — including Wolverine claws like those of the Marvel superhero played by Hugh Jackman.

Real-life couple Erika and Damon test them out on the show, with Damon dragging the cool steel spikes across the thighs of his wife.

As he does so, intimacy coach Jaiya asks Erika: “On a scale of one to five, how pleasurable is that? Your arousal is OK. And Damon, if you get an erection during this, that is OK.”

Jaiya looks at the pair’s “erotic blueprints” — the aspects that drive us sexually — and declares Erika is turned on by kink while for Damon, intercourse alone is enough.


She explains: “The superpower about the kinky is they can orgasm from something like the psychology, or the game, or the play, as opposed to having to have their genitals stimulated.

“Couples who innovate last. You can play in the kinky for the rest of your life and never have explored all there is to explore.”

Gwyneth’s show is there to help them do just that, as she attempts to arm couples with the toolkit they need to enhance their love-making.

Since launching Goop in September 2008, the actress has turned her gaze to wellness, lifestyle and, increasingly, sex.

So is she obsessed?

Gwyneth laughs and says: “We’re having sex, we’re talking about sex, it’s a show about sex. Do you want me to put on the Iron Man suit. Would that relax you?”

The show sees Gwyneth’s team of experts coach the couples to achieve their best orgasms yet.

Five sexual health experts are on board: Paltrow’s go-to intimacy coach Michaela Boehm; sexologist Jaiya; tantric sex educator Amina Peterson; erotic wholeness coach Darshana Avila; and bodywork practitioner Katarina “Kato” Wittich.

But Gwyneth still reckons it might all be down to chemistry.

She says: “When you think about someone with a sexual struggle, my mind goes to chemistry. Are they well-suited?”

Michaela disagrees: “Sex is actually a skill-set. If you and I go to learn how to play golf, we would have tools and learn proper form.”

Gwyneth first appeared as Pepper Potts, the personal assistant and then girlfriend of central character Tony Stark, in the 2008 Marvel film Iron Man.

Her role evolved as she went on to marry and tame the multi-millionaire tech genius, played by Robert Downey Jr.


She played a pivotal part in the 2010 and 2013 sequels, with the latter seeing her gain her own superpowers and suit.

Which is why she also featured as an ally of Planet Earth in the Avengers movies, which also featured Tony Stark battling against alien attackers.

And by Avengers: Endgame in 2019, Pepper was just as kickass as Iron Man himself.

It is an attitude she wants to see shared in the bedroom.

Back on the Netflix show, Jaiya has her full box of tricks laid out.

Tamer silk ribbons and handcuffs nestle alongside leather paddle whips, fluffy cat tails and sex toys.

The action heats up as Erika and Damon get down and dirty with a flogger made of chains.

Clad in a bra and pants, Erika trembles on the bed as her man trails the cool metal strands between her thighs.

Jaiya warns: “We won’t break the skin with them, it’s mostly about the sensation. Same with my Wolverine claws.

“Orgasm doesn’t have to be slot A goes into slot B. It could be anywhere on their body.”

The guru then puts her money where her mouth is and ropes in her own husband Ian to demonstrate how to give a touchless orgasm.

Damon is amazed as he watches Jaiya writhe in pleasure. And he ends the session full of emotion, feeling more connected to his wife than ever.

It is these romantic moments at the heart of the show that Gwyneth reckons makes this Goop outing fairly tame compared to her first.


In 2020’s The Goop Lab, she tried the “rock ’n’ roll orgasm” live on screen and revealed she took ecstasy with her husband.

She said: “In our first Netflix show we pushed the boundary pretty far, so I think Netflix were actually relieved things were pretty tame.

“There’s so many people who really love their partner and then are really struggling with the intimate aspect of their relationship, so people were willing to take part.

“It’s one thing to be emotionally vulnerable on camera. But to be sexually vulnerable, we’ve never really seen this before.

“Sex, Love & Goop explores what it means to be truly intimate in a relationship — to express your deepest fears and desires and to accept those of your partners.

“The show is a toolkit for finding more pleasure and connection in our romantic lives. And it’s full of lessons I wish I’d learned years ago.”

Gwyneth, who has daughter Apple, 17, and son Moses, 15, with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, 44, and is now married to TV producer Brad Falchuk, 50, is set on educating herself and the masses.

She combated vaginal shame with the launch of her £55 candle This Smells Like My Vagina and last year’s follow-up This Smells Like My Orgasm.

In February, Goop released its £70 double-sided wand sex toy, which sold out in 24 hours.


And earlier this week she announced Goop’s new female libido-boosting supplement DTF — which stands for “Down to f***”.

Her advice has worked for Erika and Damon at least, who leave the Goop lab as very happy customers indeed.

Erika says: “I’ve been waiting for us to try something like this. I realised for six years we’ve not been exploring our sexuality together.”

Damon agrees: “She’s not as sexually conservative as I thought and that’s exciting for me, to a point because I’m not kinky but this kink, I liked it.

“So now I’m 45 years old, learning something new.”

And did Gwyneth learn anything from the experience, perhaps a new trick to try at home?

She laughs again and says: “Have you seen a picture of my husband? “That’s all I need.”

That does not sound very kinky.

How Goop evolved

  • 2008: Goop debuts as a nutrition newsletter, getting its name after a branding expert told Gwyneth that all successful internet companies had double O’s in their name. The first issue featured recipes for banana nut muffins and turkey ragu.
  • 2011: Gwyneth takes the brand online as a lifestyle site, where her team recommend products from other brands alongside sharing recipes and health tips.
  • 2014: Goop jumps into e-commerce with its own branded vitamins, fashion and homewares.
  • 2015: The Goop Market Pop-Up store opens at Time Warner Centre in New York. A permanent store in Los Angeles follows in 2017.
  •  2017: Gwyneth launches Goop magazine, but it closes after two issues. A podcast goes live in 2018.
  • 2020: The Goop Lab airs on Netflix. This Smells Like My Vagina candle goes on sale.

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