Emmerdale fans convinced Victoria Sugden dies after being dragged over huge waterfall

EMMERDALE fans are convinced Victoria Sugden has died after she plunged off a waterfall.

The chef – who is played by actress Isabel Hodgins in the ITV soap – first fell off a collapsing rope bridge into a raging river with love David Metcalfe.

They were swept down the river and bashed around on rocks by the strong currents.

The pair managed to cling onto a rock after a harrowing ordeal – but disaster soon struck.

“I thought we were going to die,” screamed Victoria.

“David help me,” she shouted as the current dragged her towards the edge of the waterfall.

As David screamed in anguish, Victoria disappeared over the edge and plunged down into the murky depths below.

Fans are terrified for Victoria and sure that no-one could survive such a fall.

One wrote: "No way is Victoria surviving that ..no way hosay.."

A second said: "If she survives that her next role should be in a super hero film."

Meanwhile Charles Anderson appears to be in danger after suffering two nasty wounds in the same fall.

Dr Manpreet spotted his head injury and checked him over – but missed the huge open wound on his leg.

He kept it a secret from her as they went off to find the others.

Emmerdale bosses have already teased that at least one character will die this week.

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