This Morning fans left open mouthed after the Speakmans cure guest's spider phobia in an HOUR

THIS Morning fans were left open-mouthed today after the Speakmans managed to cure a guest’s phobia of spiders in just one hour.

The therapists headed to a girl called Amy’s house in Bradford  where she revealed she was terrified of the creepy crawlies.

She claimed she was so scared she sometimes had to leave the house if there was one there or she would call her boyfriend to come and get rid of them.

Eva and Nik then did a few tests to see just how scared she was and she struggled to even look at a picture of an eight-legged creature.

But, miraculously, just one hour later she happily looked at the snaps and in an extraordinary move she held a real spider in her hand.

In fact she seemed so comfortable, she left the spider on her hand as they spoke to Phil and Holly back in the studio.

Those watching at home couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing and took to Twitter to question if Amy really did have a severe phobia.

One person wrote: “So that's believable someone getting over a "crippling" fear of spiders under an hour. Was she even scared of spiders at all #ThisMorning.”

A second added: “That’s probably her pet spider that she’s had for years  #thismorning.”

While a third remarked:  “Huzzah, Amy’s been freed from the presence of the spider! She’s cured in just a few minutes! #ThisMorning.”

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