Fans Think Lady Gaga's $$$ Boa Was Inspired by the "Lady Gaga Style Pop Star Money Boa" on Amazon

Today in WEALTH, Lady Gaga is out here wearing a boa made entirely of (probably fake, but still) $100 bills. Gaga posted an Instagram of herself literally dripping with money on a private flight to Las Vegas, where she’s continuing her residency. And she went ahead and paired her boat with a glittery dress from Magda Butrym, along with a pink Hermès Kelly and Valentino glasses.

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Obviously, it’s imperative that you own this boa for daily life / Halloween purposes, and while we’re not sure exactly who made Gaga’s, you can buy a similar one over on Amazon:

And speaking of Amazon, Twitter seems to think that that Gaga is actually recreating a “Lady Gaga Style” boa that was available on Amazon UK, which would be peak levels of meta:

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