X Factor star Louisa Johnson breaks down in tears as she reveals she went to rehab for 'trauma'

X FACTOR star Louisa Johnson has revealed she went to rehab earlier this year.

The 23-year-old singer bravely opened up about her mental health in an honest post to mark World Mental Health Day.

The popstar said she went to rehab for trauma, depression & anxiety and admitted it was the most "life changing eye opening" experiences.

Louisa wrote: "Healing is notttttt linear. Guys I'm not even gonna lie I am well scared to post this but whoooooo caresssssss.. I just want to try and help xxx

"Vulnerability is your power as I try and remind myself not everyone needs to know everything, but this is a huge part of my life and my growth.

"I've been reflecting as it's mental health awareness day, as a society we've come sooo far and I feel so proud of it.

"I love how many people are talking and starting difficult conversations, it's so important, when we dig deeper and make deeper connections I think we start to realise that we are all the same deep down or we can connect with each other in one way or another, it makes us feel less alone. 

"Earlier this year I went to rehab for trauma, depression & anxiety and I wasn't really ever gonna share my experience until recently, I'm actually so proud of my journey so why wouldn't I talk about it?

"& thank God for professionals who dedicate their lives to helping people, and helping to make sense of trauma. We all go through it and we all need a little bit of extra help from time to time.

"I'd hope that this can help people see that there's much more to people than what the surface shows (Instagram, social media, even when you bump into someone in the street)."

The singer explained that she had a turbulent year but is proud of her journey and is the "happiest" she's ever been.

Louisa continued: 'It was the most life changing, eye opening, painful, liberating experience of my f**king life!

"And I will always try my best to encourage others to reach out and ask for help. I understand it's difficult. I've been sad, lonely, unhappy and hurting and I didn't want to stay there.

"Ahhh god I'll say it again I'm so proud of my journey I've had the weirdest / best year of my life but I've been the happiest version of myself. Everyday I'm growing as a person and it's really hard to constantly show up and choose yourself 24/7!

"I have and continue to learn so much everyday about life and myself and I know things have taken such a long time to be ready but will always put me first."

The singer revealed that she has been working on new music which gives fans an insight into her journey.

She added: "I'm also soooo excited to share my music about my experiences with you I just hope you love it.

"I'm proud of anybody trying & anybody speaking about their pain. Everything is temporary xxx."

Last year, Louisa ditched her record label to become an independent artist after years of having “people tell me what to do.”

The former X Factor winner had been signed to Simon Cowell’s label Syco and subsequently another Sony label, Ministry of Sound, but is now going it alone.

In an exclusive interview, Louisa explained: “I’m not with Sony, I’ve released this one independently, but when it comes to releasing other music I’m not sure what position I’m going to be in.

“I’ve really enjoyed in the past year just working out who I am, focusing on the style of music I want to do, the artist I want to be, how I’m going to look – you have to think about everything.

“I’m really proud to stay myself throughout the whole time.

“Where I’ve been writing music, I’ve just been trying to be myself and not have people tell me what to do.”

The singer was only 17 when she won the competition in 2015 and struggled with working out who she was when she instantly became a star.

She said: “It was difficult for me. I had a great time doing it all but I was just so young I don’t even know how I did it, it’s crazy.

“I literally had no idea what I was doing in any way, shape or form.

"This past year and a half I’ve just learned a lot and tried to be as authentic as possible.”

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