Married at First Sight UK 2021 – Nikita makes sensational return as Morag rages at Luke in explosive reunion show

MARRIED At First Sight's couples are returning for another dose of drama in an explosive reunion episode.

Fiery Geordie Nikita is back with a bang and it looks like she and ex-husband Ant are going to clash in a first look teaser.

While Morag tells Luke "I don't recognise you" in a tense sofa chat in fronmt of the other coupes.

But while there are rows, there are also sweet moments too as Adam and Tayah's love story moves dating coach Paul Brunson to tears.

Read our Married at First Sight blog below for the latest updates…

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Jordan Mundell teases future dating show plans

    Despite not finding love on the hit E4 show, MAFS star Jordan Mundell has hinted at plans to appear on other dating programmes.

    During an Instagram Q & A, Jordan was asked if he regrets doing Married at First Sight.

    The star confirmed that he has no regrets, he wrote: “Even though I didn’t find love there no I don’t.

    “Maybe I’ll have to do another dating/love show.”

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Amy and Josh spin-off?

    Married at First Sight UK viewers have demanded Amy Christophers and Joshua Christie get their own spin-off show – despite their rocky relationship.

    The pair made it past the final commitment ceremony after an explosive dinner party that ended in fireworks.

    While some have called for Josh to be kicked off the show for speaking to Amy in a “disgusting” manner, others say they deserve more air time.

    One fan said: “You and Josh should really do your own show you can show who you really are.”

    Another added: “They need more air time on this show.”

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Is there a prize for staying married on the show?

    There is no prize and no one is crowned a winner on Married at First Sight.

    However, if you stay married you have “won” the chance to be in love.

    You could say that’s better than any cash prize.

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    New hair, don’t care

    Megan Wolfe has debuted a fresh new look after walking away from her marriage to Bob Voysey.

    She smiled for the camera as she showed off her pink and purple locks, thanking her “genius” hairdresser Heather Shaw.

    An impressed Megan added: “Her work is art 🌈🎨”.

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Do Married at First Sight couples sign prenups?

    Prenups cannot be issued when taking part in MAFS.

    This is because each couple’s marriage isn’t technically real.

    They say vows, and exchange rings, but they aren’t really married.

    If they decide to “stay married” they will then enter into a full time relationship.

    The couple can then decide if they want to get married for real.

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    What has the broadcaster said about the incident over the weekend?

    In a statement, the broadcaster said: “Channel 4 and More 4 are currently off air due to a technical problem. We are working to restore them as quickly as possible.”

    A spokeswoman for the London Fire Brigade told The Sun Online: “We sent two fire engines to the scene. Crews carried out a search of the building and no fire was detected.”

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    What’s been going wrong over the last few days?

    The past three nights have each had technical difficulties with many viewers unable to watch the programme online or on TV.

    It follows a weekend of disruption for Channel 4 that saw it suffer major connection failure.

    The server connection issues hit thousands of viewers as firefighters rushed to the Broadcast Centre in White City shortly after 6.30pm to reports of a fire alarm going off in the building.

    Viewers said their screens were showing a still from a programme for about 25 minutes before returning to normal broadcasting.

    Some social media users said they were experiencing a black screen with green lines.

    More 4 was also showing flashing images, according to viewers, while others said Film4 and E4 were also affected.

    Channel 4 confirmed two channels were temporarily off air in a tweet.

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Married at First Sight viewers angry

    MAFS fans were seething tonight as E4 repeated last night’s episode instead of the series finale.

    It is the latest in a string of blunders that have plagued the series’ final week.

    Fans were excitedly counting down to the final vow renewals but were left ranting on Twitter when it became clear it wasn’t going to happen.

    One wrote: “Come on @E4Tweets this is getting silly now #mafsuk.”

    A second said: “Well it’s not exactly the episode I ordered is it!”

    Another joked: “By the time this episode airs Adam and Tayah will have had three kids, adopted seven dogs and had numerous arguments over that coffee table.”

    The episode then disappeared and viewers were greeted with a message telling the “the current show is not available”.

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Dan is living with ‘vigour and purpose’

    Married at First Sight relationship expert Paul C Brunson has given his thoughts on Dan.

    After last night show, he wrote on his Instagram stories: “Dan, you’re one of the most mature people I’ve ever met.

    “I love your outlook on life and more importantly, I adore how you live with vigour and purpose.”

    Wednesday evening’s show saw Dan, 27 – from Northern Ireland – and Matt, 39 – from Leeds, decide to stay together.

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Adam to ‘drop some spoilers’

    The Married at First Sight star admitted he had: “No idea what is going on”.

    It came as E4 faced an evening of technical difficulties which included the wrong episode of MARS being aired.

    He added: “What an absolute shit show!!!!

    “Someone from e4 tell me wtf is going on!?

    “I will drop all spoilers.”

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Married at First Sight confirm no episode tonight

    The official MAFS UK Instagram account posted confirmation that the finale will not be airing tonight.

    The statement read: “To confirm, #MAFSUK and Afters won’t be playing tonight.

    “We’re sorry again – we’re working to make it available on All 4 and E4 as soon as possible and we’ll update you as soon as we know more.”

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    MAFS’S Amy Christophers slammed as ‘attention seeking’

    Amy has been slammed as ‘attention seeking and demanding’ with Josh Christie, by the show’s former star Ben Jardine.

    In an exclusive chat with The Sun, CBB star Ben, 36, said: “As for Amy & Josh, wow.

    “Josh is trying so hard to live up to the expectations of the experts and unpredictable Amy, the pressure of trying to be more mature will eventually catch up with him.

    “Amy is demanding and whilst she seeks his attention, Josh is more interested in how much of his chest he can show in one of his shirts.”

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Josh ‘hacked’ E4, jokes Paul C Brunson

    As questions are asked about E4’s technical problems, dating expert Paul C Brunson found it hilarious to see an image of Josh stuck on screen.

    He wrote on Instagram: “I think @joshuachristie_ hacked E4 for more screentime [laughing emojis]”.


  • Kala Paul-Worika

    ‘No spoilers’

    Married at First Sight Afters presenter AJ Odudu has assured fans that nothing will be leaked from the finale show.

    The chat show was set to air after the main programme tonight but she revealed it had been postponed.

    She tweeted: “Oi oi! @E4Tweets have had a little (massive) technical glitch so won’t be showing tonight’s #MAFSUK final.

    “But fear not, there’ll be no spoilers on #MAFSAFTERS as that won’t be shown either.

    “Both coming soon. [Wedding / Crossed fingers / Red heart emojis]”


  • Kala Paul-Worika

    First Dates instead of Married at First Sight

    Instead of the MAFS finale, E4 viewers are instead watching a repeat of Celebrity First Dates.

    It’s still a bit of romance on your screen right?

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Tayah wants answers too

    Viewers were set to see what Adam’s big confession was this evening, but instead E4 are experiencing problems broadcasting the episode.

    She wrote on her Instagram stories “I need answers too!!!!” as she shared fans tagging her and questioning why a repeat of last night’s MAFS was being aired.

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    ‘Programmes will continue shortly’

    After a run of adverts E4 appears to have gone off air.

    The message “Programmes will continue shortly” was posted before the screen went completely black.

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    E4 responds

    The broadcaster announced on its Twitter page: “We’re aware it’s yesterday’s episode of #MAFSUK playing out this evening and apologise.

    “It’s all down to our ongoing tech issues which we’re working hard on.

    “We’ll update here as soon as we know more and when you’ll be able to see the final episode of MAFS UK.”

  • Kala Paul-Worika


    Fans are on Twitter asking for answers from the broadcaster.

    One wrote: “Anyone else’s #mafs has now frozen on All4?! #MarriedAtFirstSightUK – #e4 is well and truly broken!

    Another asked: “MAFSUK if there anyone home at E4?”

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Stuck in time

    Married at First Sight viewers are currently faced with a frozen image of contestant Josh on screen.

    Will E4’s problems be sorted?

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    What’s going on?

    Married at First Sight viewers are currently watching as Dan and Matt, Franky and Marilyse muse over their decisions to stay together.

    The very same episode aired last night.

    Today fans were looking forward to seeing what the three remaining couples – Amy and Josh, Luke and Morag, Tayah and Adam – had decided to do.

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Viewers confused

    It looks like there are still problems at E4 headquarters, with a repeat of yesterday’s episode currently being aired.

    One fan wrote on Twitter: “Have #MAFSUK put the wrong episode on?? This was on yesterday”.

    Another queried: “Had #mafsuk put on the wrong episode?? This aired last night already ????”

    “Someone’s getting fired in the morning 😳 #mafs #MAFSUK #e4 #Channel4,” joked a third.

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Are you ready?

    Episode 20 of Married at First Sight is about to kick off.

    It’s vow renewal time for the last of the newly-weds.

    As Amy and Josh reveal their decision, the other two face the toughest choice of their lives.

    Will they decide to stay together, or walk away for good?

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    When do applications open for Married At First Sight UK?

    You can apply to be on the show right NOW.

    Channel 4 have teased: “We’re looking for brave singles for potential future series of Married at First Sight.

    “In this unique relationship series about married life, a panel of matchmaking experts will be there to help you find the one.”

    However, they have said due to the sheer volume of applicants they may not be able to get back to everyone who applies.

  • Kala Paul-Worika

    Where do I recognise Josh from?

    Joshua Christie appeared on Shipwrecked in 2019.

    Unfortunately he left the show early when his grandfather fell ill.

    The reality star has also enjoyed stints as a catwalk model.

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