Freddie Mercury rare footage: Star on conquering Rio fears with his ‘housewife’ approach

Freddie Mercury's relationship with parents discussed by David Wigg

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Back in January 1985, Queen headlined the iconic Rock in Rio festival by performing on opening night and at the closing show to over 600,000 Brazilian fans. Their concerts there are the subject of this week’s episode of Queen the Greatest, which features some rare footage of Freddie Mercury and the band reflecting on the unique opportunity. Arriving in Rio, the Queen singer was asked how everything was going for him.

Freddie Mercury replied: “I think everything is going to be okay. I’ve got first night jitters, I think, this is the first big night. 

“We’re going to watch the other bands and see how it’s all going. I just want to get a feel of it all.”

After taking to the stage at 2am, Queen enjoyed an afterparty where Freddie was asked: “What’s it like looking out over all that huge amount of people?”

The star replied nonchalantly: “Well, it’s mind-boggling you know, and to me I just…it’s like a housewife to be honest, just go on there and do my job and then come home.”

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