Meghan Markles glam New York wardrobe branded wildly inappropriate by Lady C

Meghan Marklehas been snapped out and about on her trip to New York in a mixed bag of outfits – all of them curiously cosy.

There’d be nothing strange about that in the middle of an icy winter, but the Big Apple is currently seeing temperatures of up to 28 degrees.

The Duchess of Sussex’s odd clothing choices have turned many a head in recent days, just one being Lady Colin Campbell.

The royal author held no prisoners in her comments on Meghan’s wardrobe malfunctions, calling them “wildly inappropriate”.

In a video on her popular YouTube channel, the outspoken Lady C wrapped her shoulders in fur only to remove it mere seconds later.

And her gag was all for the sole purpose of having a dig at the Duchess.

In her trademark cut-glass accent, the 72-year-old referred to the “vestment” as “wildly inappropriate, even in England on a summer’s day, and definitely in New York on a summer’s day”.

She then went on to argue: “Of course, I don’t suppose Meghan has ever really lived in New York. I mean I have the benefit of having been to school in New York, but I don’t think Meghan has ever lived in New York”

“So maybe she didn’t realise in New York when it is 80 degrees,” the aristocrat added, switching to a whisper and implying secrecy with a finger over the mouth, “SUMMER CLOTHES, SUMMER CLOTHES”.

Whatever the explanation for Meghan packing only winter attire for the trip, and no matter what Lady C thinks, the former Suits actress was in New York to support her husband Prince Harry.

Yesterday, the royal couple travelled to the United Nations, where they started the last day of their NYC tour by meeting UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

The 40-year-old sported a heavy cashmere coat, but she wasn’t the only one in warm garb – Harry wore a full suit despite the 25 degree heat.

Despite now living in balmy California, it seems the couple haven’t quite forgotten those chillier British temperatures they were used to before relocating to North America.

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