Jason Alexander: Britney Spears Engagement to Sam Asghari Is FAKE!

When fans learned this week that Britney Spears had gotten engaged to Sam Asghari, their reaction was one of near-universal joy.

Britney, as you surely know, has been through a great deal in recent years, and Sam is the guy who stuck by his side through all of it.

Even at times when they were barely allowed to see each other, Sam waited for Britney and supported her in her efforts to attain freedom.

Needless to say, there were times when it looked as though this happy ending would never take place.

In fact, it wasn’t all that long ago that Britney’s life appeared to be in shambles following years of abuse from her father, Jamie Spears.

Now, however, Jamie has filed to end Britney’s conservatorship, and for the first time in a long time, the singer’s future is looking very bright.

For fans, the occasion of Sam’s proposal is that much sweeter because of all the bad relationships Spears has endured over the years.

Obviously, everyone remembers her time with Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline — but a lot of people seem to have forgotten about the man Britney married before K-Fed.

Yes, back in 2004, Britney and Jason Alexander were married for a scant 55 hours.

Britney quickly moved on from the incident, but it seems that Jason is still brooding over it.

In fact, he recently remarked that Spears wishes they were still married.

He claims that he converses with Britney on a regular basis and that he knows better than anyone.

So we guess it’s no surprise that a media outlet contacted Jason to ask for his thoughts about Britney’s engagement.

But we still wish it hadn’t happened.

“If it’s real, it’s awesome,” Alexander told a reporter from Inside Edition.

Naturally, the reporter then asked if Jason thinks the engagement is real, to which he replied simply, “No.”

Alexander went on to claim that he had just spoken with Britney earlier that day.

When asked if he could get her on the phone, however, he curtly replied, “She can’t talk.”

So instead, Jason spoke for her — a bizarre tendency that he’s demonstrated several times over the years.

“She’s great,” Jason said when asked how she’s doing.

“She’s good, she’s mentally stable, she’s fine,”

Naturally, it wasn’t long before the conversation turned to Sam — and Jason’s comments about Brit’s fiance were not exactly charitable.

“I’m trying to be as nice as I can,” he told Inside Edition when asked about Asghari.

“He’s really the only person that’s been around for a few years, so without him she would’ve been alone,” he continued.

“I’ve always loved her. I’m always going to love her. If she’s happy with Sam and that’s going to happen, I’m happy for her.”

It seems that Jason is less than thrilled by the news that Britney is engaged to someone else.

He’s being relatively polite about the situation, because without his connection to Spears, Alexander would be of little interest to … well, anyone.

Of course, it might be for the best if Jason decided to stop makinh media appearances.

Seventeen years of milking a 55-hour marriage is really long enough.

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