Adams says cops who told The Post about NYC’s surging teen violence ‘were right’

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Democratic mayoral candidate Eric Adams on Monday sided with the cops who told The Post about the difficulty of dealing with deadly teen shootings — and renewed his call to eliminate bail in alleged crimes of violence.

“Those detectives were right,” Adams said, referring to an exclusive report Monday that featured first-hand accounts from frontline NYPD officers who blamed soft-on-crime policies for the surge in youth violence.

“We saw the shooting of the [NYPD] lieutenant a few days ago. The person who shot him in the ankle, they wrestled a gun from him — they went beyond the call of duty.”

Adams, a former NYPD captain, added: “And that person was arrested over 20 times, out on bail for another gun crime.”

“I don’t believe anyone who carries out a violent crime should be allowed to be free without bail. I think we need to focus on that,” he said.

During a news conference outside City Hall to formally kick off his general election campaign, Adams also said it was “imperative to really empower our crisis management team.”

“If the driver of some of this violence is due to what’s called retaliatory shootings, crisis management team members — if they coordinate with the hospitals, with the precincts — they can bring down those retaliatory shootings and start cycling people out of this violence that we’re seeing,” he said.

“And this is gang violence.”

During a recent ride-along with cops in The Bronx, The Post learned about the toll that responding to gang-related teen shootings takes on the city’s Finest.

“After you deal with a few of them it kind of gets compartmentalized,” said Officer Michael Phipps, who was first on the scene following last month’s assassination of 16-year-old Ramon Gil-Medrano.

“You just kind of take all of those incidents and you kind of put them in a box and you put them on a shelf in your brain and you just kind of move on.”

Bronx Homicide Squad Det. Brianna Constantino likened teen-on-teen violence to “almost an epidemic within a pandemic” and said kids were responsible for increasing numbers of shootings because “there’s no consequences for any of their actions.”

Also Monday, Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa, who founded the Guardian Angels street patrol while managing a McDonald’s restaurant in The Bronx in the late 1970s, said he empathized with the cops.

“They are so depressed because they can’t do anything about the gang violence,” he told The Post.

“They themselves are vulnerable now, even with the gun and bullet-proof vest. The gangs have no fear of cops. It’s open season on cops. To shoot at a cop gets you prestige.”

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