‘Identical’ cigar-shaped UFOs seen across the globe within weeks of each other

The conspiracy world has been sent into a frenzy after the identical-looking cylindrical UFOs were spotted across the globe within weeks of each other.

YouTuber MrMBB333 shared the sightings to his channel, which were all taken during June and July.

The first clip was filmed on June 5 above the Texan city of Houston. It showed a “white cylinder” soaring over the sky in broad daylight.

The following month, MrMBB333 claimed the same object was seen above the Canadian province of Ontario .

“It looks like the same exact object to a tee,” he claimed.

On July 22, a similar UFO emerged yet again above Texas, this time being spotted by a resident living in Bullard.

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One witness, Tina M, also shared a sighting to the channel from some time in July above South Carolina.

The YouTuber claimed he had also received reports the object had been spotted in Oregon.

And his collections of videos ended with a similar sighting as far away as Germany.

“What is going on?” he asked. “I don’t know what this thing is or if there is multiple white cylinders roaming the globe.

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“You know there were probably many many more people who saw these things in the sky – these were just five examples.”

MrMBB333’s YouTube video has been seen more than 29,000 times since it was shared earlier today (July 27).

Hundreds of followers shared their thoughts about what the objects could be in the comments section, while many others claimed to have also seen the UFO.

“Cool, look like legit UFOs to me,” one said. “They are not hiding anymore.”

Another commented: “I have seen these twice in Wisconsin and once out of our airplane window in Chicago O'Hare Airport as we were leaving.”

Someone else also claimed to have witnessed the “craft”, saying: “I saw a white cylinder too! I sent a photo back in Octoberish 2020… it was moving fast.”

Cigar-shaped and snake-like UFOs have become something of a phenomenon in the US over recent years.

Back in 2019, Daily Star was told by a UFO researcher they could be “extraterrestrial living creatures”.

Sceptics often explain them away as being nothing more than weather balloons, birds, or drones.

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