Ben Shephard: GMB star appeals for help amid 6ft snake discovery in compost

Ben Shephard provides health update after ACL surgery

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Ben Shephard, 46, had a rather interesting weekend after his mum stumbled across something surprising in her garden. With the hot weather driving us all outside, we’re not the only one’s enjoying the sun, as a snake decided to make an appareance in his mum’s compost heap.

Any idea what type of snake it is? Apparently it’s about 6ft long!

Ben Shephard

With a few guesstimate suggesting it was around 6ft long, it left the Shephard family rather concerned as to what kind of snake it could be.

Taking to social media, he called on his followers for their help in identifying the reptile.

“Evening Twitter – need your help, mum has this not so little resident in her compost heap,” he penned.

“Any idea what type of snake it is? Apparently it’s about 6ft long!”

Following his concerns, many rushed to the comments section to share their opinions and offer some advice on what to do.

“It’s a sod that snake,” one joked before adding: “No seriously call the RSPCA or wildlife, you seriously don’t want hissing sid lerking in the garden oh my.”

Another agreed: “If I were you I’d contact RSPCA – gone to compost heap for warmth. Could be a grass snake (lucky you – may have laid eggs) or it could be from overseas 6 feet is quite big. RSPCA is your best bet to start with – or local council.”

A third added: “I’m going to say grass snake, a baby waby one. Very friendly, love being tickled.

But the presenter didn’t sound too keen as he replied quickly: “Rather you than me!”

His fellow TV pals also had some advice, with Top Gear’s Chris Harris saying: “Grass snake. Lovely things. Help keep your rodent population down and they are non-venomous.”

Despite his reassuring comment, Chris’ BBC co-star Paddy McGuinness shared his own views.

“Get the house on the market!” he laughed, messing around with his pal.

After hundreds of responses later, Ben gave an update to his situation and thanked Paddy personally for the not-so-helpful advice.

“Wow thank you to all for your replies – many very valuable cheers @PaddyMcGuinness,” he chuckled.

“It’s clearly a grass snake and a lovely specimen at that!! Just hope I never meet it!!”

Elsehwere, Ben revealed he will be returning to GMB after being off our screens while he recovered from fracturing his leg and rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament, also known as an ACL.

The star even had to undergo surgery, and is currently in physio for his injury.

But he’s kept his fans in the loop, constantly sharing health updates on his progress, most recently informing them that he felt his physio sessions were going “so far, so good”.

In his video, he thanked fans for all of the support he was getting and also showcased a device, called a Physiolab, that was aiding in his recovery using ice-cold water to help “reduce the swelling”.

He described his physio sessions as “agony”, but added that things “could be worse” as the injury and time spent at home meant that he was able to enjoy himself watching lots of sport on the television.

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