I’m a proud cr*p housewife – my house is drowning in laundry but I shift it from room to room, I’d rather get dressed up

A PROUD "crap housewife" has shown off her huge pile of laundry.

Posting on TikTok under her account @craphousewife, mum-of-two Jessica Rowe admits she just moves it from room to room, hoping it'll deal with itself.

The Aussie TV presenter, 51, lives with her husband Peter Overton, 54, and daughters Allegra, 13, and Giselle, 11, in Sydney – where residents were plunged into a fresh Covid lockdown three weeks ago.

Airing her dirty laundry online (literally!) she said: “Oh no! The laundry baskets are breeding!”

In the comments, she added: “I kept shifting it from room to room hoping it would disappear!”

In total, Jessica has five or six baskets and bags of clothes in need of cleaning – but she's got a different priority at the moment.

Every night during the lockdown, Jessica has dressed up in a different glam outfit on Instagram – wowing in sparkly dresses, high heels and dangling earrings.

She's often clutching a glass of Champers, wine – or her dog Daphne.

People loved Jessica's honesty about her laundry woes, and praised her in the TikTok comments.

Her fellow mums admitted: “Same situation here!” and "we call that mount washmore in our house."

Others said Jessica had the right idea, warning: "If you wash it, it will just come back."

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