Danni Menzies admits she is ‘smelling’ after wearing same dress for four days

A Place in the Sun presenter Danni Menzies had a confession to share with fans while she was filming the latest episodes of the property-hunting show.

The host, who takes hopeful buyers around sun-drenched locations to find them places to retire or holiday in, said she had made an unfortunate mistake when she was packing for the trip.

Danni only had one dress with her for filming and although the leopard print mini was very cute she admitted it was now "smelling" and she was exhausted.

Showing off her chic outfit in her Instagram stories, the TV presenter said: "Day three in the same outfit. Oh, wait, day four, no day three.

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"We started filming the shows in a day less in Spain because all of the rules have changed because of Brexit."

Danni added: "So everyone is knackered and I only brought one dress so I am smelling.

"But hopefully we are going to be getting an offer [on a property] so that is quite exciting.

"Loads of people are asking me when the new shows are coming out and I actually don't know but we are all working really hard to make them happen."

She reassured fans: "As soon as we do know, I will let you know."

In another update, she added: "It actually is day four. I am just going a bit delirious because it is so hot and we have been so busy."

Temperatures have been up to 38C in Spain so it is no wonder the TV host is baking hot in the sun.

Later, she showed off the cute dress in an Instagram post where she flaunted her endlessly long legs in wedge high heels.

She tagged the brand Dancing Leopard in the post and wrote in the caption: "Time for an outfit change! Loved this little leopard print number."

One fan fawned: "The dress really shows off your legs which are stunning."

"Legs to die for," gushed another in appreciation.

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