Britney Spears looks focused at LA sheriff’s station before she demanded conservatorship 'end NOW' in battle against dad

BRITNEY Spears seemed focused at an LA sheriff’s station one day before she broke her silence on her conservatorship battle against dad Jamie. 

The pop icon prepped to speak at Los Angeles Superior Court for the first time ever on Wednesday in an attempt to break free from the 13-year-long legal matter that controls her life. 

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In pictures obtained by The Sun, Britney, 39, was spotted on Tuesday exiting the Ventura County Sheriff’s department – which is near her $7.4million Thousand Oaks, CA, home. 

The singer did not appear to be with anyone else but a bodyguard as she walked out of the building in brown platform heels. 

She also wore a wrinkled and slightly unbuttoned white shirt but showed off her legs with tiny denim shorts and a long grey cardigan. 

Britney’s eyes were hidden behind sunglasses as her blonde hair was pulled back in a messy bun. 

What we know so far:

  • Britney says she was "forced to take Lithium" as punishment
  • She says her family sent her to a $60k rehab where she was "hurt"
  • The singer compares her conservatorship to "sex trafficking"
  • She wants to marry Sam Asghari and have more children
  • Jamie says he "loves his daughter very much" after court hearing

As she left the premises, the singer, renowned for her hit Toxic, appeared to be stressed and had a concerned look on her face as she dashed to her waiting car. 

The outing came one day before the singer appeared in court on Wednesday amid her conservatorship battle with her father Jamie Spears.

Britney's court appearance marked the first time she's publicly spoken out against the conservatorship, which was implemented in 2008 after a series of public meltdowns.

The legal agreement prevents Britney from controlling her life or having any access to her million-dollar fortune.

Under the conservatorship, her life and her multi-million-dollar fortune have been under the supervision of Jamie.

Jamie, 68, has been in control of the singer’s conservatorship for the past 13 years, which has given him control over her $60million fortune.

The singer dropped a number of bombshells as she took the stand via audio, including that her family sent her to a $60K rehab at a small Los Angeles home.

Britney claimed the people that ran the rehab center were trying to hurt her, while her dad allegedly "loved it."

She also compared the "abusive" conservatorship to sex trafficking.

She said: “In California, the only similar thing to this is called sex trafficking, making anyone work against their will.

"And taking all their possessions away, credit card, cash, phone, passport."

Also during the hearing, Britney said she wants to marry and take out her IUD to have another baby but is unable to grow her family because her "conservator won't let her."

The hitmaker said: “I want to get married and have a baby.  

“I wanted to take the IUD out and have a baby but conservator won't let me because they don't want me to have a baby.”

Britney is already the mother to sons Sean, 15, and Jayden, 14, with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

The Womanizer singer has been in a relationship with Sam Asghari, 27, since meeting in 2016 – he has been in her corner, even wearing a "Free Britney" shirt on the day of her court battle.

Another shocking claim made during the hearing was that Britney was "forced" by her team to take Lithium as a "punishment."

The singer said her manager accused her of being uncooperative during a 2018 tour and had her therapist put her on the meds.

She recalled that the medicine made her feel "drunk," though "no one cared."

She said: "It was very threatening and scary, with the conservatorship I couldn’t even get my own attorney.

“When I came off that tour a new show in Las Vegas was supposed to take place.”

Britney then said she directed most of the shows, did the choreography and taught her dancers herself.

The singer’s manager then called her therapist and said she wasn’t cooperating in rehearsals and wasn’t taking her medication.

After the court hearing, her father Jamie said he "loves his daughter" after she threatened to sue her family over her conservatorship.

A statement read: "He is sorry to see his daughter suffering and in so much pain. Mr. Spears loves his daughter very much."

Fans were granted access to the courtroom hearing and were seen praying for the pop star.

Members of Britney’s loyal fanbase were seen praying with their heads in their hands.

According to an eyewitness, another person was nervously crossing her fingers minutes leading up to the beginning of the court matter.

Britney's court appearance marked the first time she's publicly spoken out against the conservatorship, which was implemented in 2008 after a series of public meltdowns.

In the days leading up to the court hearing, Britney went on a holiday with 25-year-old Sam Aghari.

Britney proclaimed she was "living each day like it's her last" on her recent trip to Hawaii.

The singer recently took to Instagram to update fans on the future of her performance career, saying she has "no idea" if she will perform again.

Last month, Britney clapped back at an overload of documentaries that have surfaced regarding her father's involvement in her finances and life choices, following the release of the new BBC documentary.

She previously admitted that she "cried for two weeks and felt embarrassed" about the Framing Britney Spears documentary.

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