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THE best bath mats should be comfortable to stand on, quick drying and, most important of all, anti-slip.

We explain what to look for and pick out some of the most popular options.

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What to look for in a bath mat

Safety first – and that means looking for a bath mat that has an anti-slip base or non-slip properties.

Most fabric bath mats have this, but wooden ones generally do not and can be slippery when wet.

A really absorbent material can reduce the risk of slipping too, by soaking up all the splashes from your bath or shower.

Cotton is particularly good for this, as are other natural fibres like coconut or rush grass fibres.

Synthetic materials like nylon are quick drying and easy to clean but they aren’t as absorbent – it doesn't mean you should rule them out straight away though.

Another thing to think about is comfort. Some bath mats have memory foam, which gives your feet extra cushioning and feels really good when it’s cold in the winter.

And finally there’s design. Many bath mats are plain in colour so they can match your towels. But if you have a particular theme in your bathroom, it’s worth looking out for a mat that will match it.

Where to buy bath mats

Bath mats are widely available in home stores on the high street or online. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular options below to get you started.

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