‘Dragon girl’ who went blind from tattooing her eyeballs gets vampire FANGS in latest body modification

A WOMAN who temporarily went blind after tattooing her eye balls has now had vampire fangs added to her teeth in her latest body modification.

Amber Luke, 25, from New South Wales, Australia, is covered in over 200 tattoos and piercings and has spent over £20,000 on her body art – with the latest change seeing her extend her "fangs" even longer.

The Instagram star – who calls herself the Blue Eyed White Dragon – had previously had her teeth shaved into points and admitted they were sharp enough to pierce through skin.

She altered her canine teeth on the top of her mouth to look like vampire fangs and has now had them extended further down so they are more noticeable.

Posting to Instagram, Amber shared a selfie showing off her new teeth and thanking her dentist for achieving her new and improved fangs.

She captioned her snap: "Fangs extended thanks to @smiling.dental

It's the latest procedure Amber has done after enduring an excruciating 40-minute ordeal to get her eyeballs tattooed bright blue.

It was the most dangerous procedure Amber – who has also had her tongue split and earlobes stretched – has had done to date.

Speaking about the process, she said: "I can't even begin to describe to you what the feeling was like, the best thing I can give you is once the eyeball was penetrated with the ink, it felt like [the tattoo artist] grabbed 10 shards of glass and rubbed it in my eye.

"That happened four times per eye, that was pretty brutal. Unfortunately, my artist went too deep into my eyeball."

Claiming she temporarily went blind as a result, Amber added: "If your eyeball procedure's done correctly, you're not supposed to go blind at all.

“I was blind for three weeks. That was pretty brutal.”

Amber revealed that she first started having issue with her body when she was 14, following being diagnosed with depression.

She first developed her obsession with bizarre body modifications at 16.

Now more confident when it comes to her appearance, Amber isn't fazed by the mixed reaction she often gets from strangers or what other people think about her unconventional look.

"I'm not harming anyone," she said. "I'm doing what I want to do and if it makes me get up in the morning and be a happy person, then so be it."

Thanks to documenting her body transformation online, Amber has become a social media celeb and has several sponsors.

So far, she has splashed out thousands on extreme procedures, as well as a boob job and cheek and lip fillers.

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