Jeremy Clarkson open-mouthed as 21-year-old farmer storms off new show after major blunder

JEREMY Clarkson was left open-mouthed when a young farmer stormed off after the ex-Top Gear host made a major tractor blunder.

The new Amazon Prime series sees the 61-year-old broadcaster tackle life on a farm, but things didn't get off to an easy start for Jeremy.

Taking control of his new 1,000 acre working farm in the Cotswolds, the motoring expert struggled to get to grips with the difficulties of farming life.

Throughout the series, Jeremy tackles "unresponsive crops" and "disobedient animals" in terrible weather throughout the global pandemic.

But in the hilarious first instalment, Jeremy is left totally stumped on how to use his brand new Lamborghini tractor to plant seeds in his fields.

Calling in 21-year-old Kaleb Cooper, the TV presenter was left in stunned silence when the farmer stormed off over a major mistake.

Tractor driver Kaleb helped Jeremy get to grips with the large machine after he realised he "needed help" to get going.

"I called in Kaleb Cooper, a tractor driver who worked for the previous farmer,” the Top Gear host explained in the episode.

Kaleb impressed Jeremy with his three-year farming expertise, knowing the names of every field under his control.

The pair then headed to the tractor and took shifts cultivating the farm, as Kaleb talked Jeremy through the process once step at a time.

They "sped up" on each tractor turn in order to meet demand of the urgent crop planting, with Kaleb at first remaining optimistic they would meet target.

He left Jeremy on his own to continue seeding the field, and returned later to check on the work that had been done without him.

As the journalist stood proudly waiting for praise, Kaleb shook his head in disappointment and began to reel into him: "What have you done?"

He went on to explain that Jeremy had not planted the seeds with the correct spacing and in the right direction.

"You're going to have no tramlines – so when I come to spray it and fertilise it, how do I know where to drive?" Kaleb angrily continued.

"I'll do it properly now," Jeremy tried to defend himself, to which the farmer continued: "No, it's too late. You're pretty much screwed."

"You haven't even drilled it straight," he continued to yell as he stormed off in fury. "That’s as straight as a roundabout!"

“I’ve learnt my lesson now, I won’t do it again,” Jeremy replied sheepishly, offering to buy Kaleb a beer to calm him down.

Kaleb was unimpressed as Jeremy told cameras he was "in so much trouble" having ruined their previously amicable relationship.

Clarkson’s Farm is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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