iPhone-Ex: 10 Celebrities Who Use Flip Phones

On June 7th, Apple announced their latest software update, the IOS 15. The update went viral due to advancements of certain applications including new features for iMessage, Maps, and FaceTime. But while many of these applications and amenities have become indispensable for average iphone users, several celebrities have opted for simpler solutions altogether, flip phones.

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In the current entertainment climate, many celebrities have suffered the consequences for having an iPhone and being on social media. This has included Tweets that have gotten celebrities cancelled, leaked emails and messages that have damaged careers, and hackings that have left private information vulnerable to those willing to exploit. Some of these complications have caused certain celebrities to abandon the use of iPhones altogether, resorting to old school models of flip phones. Whether it’s a fashionable trend, a statement against fame and celebrity culture, or a way of keeping private information from the public, these celebrities have opted out of iPhone culture in favor of old school cell phone.

10 Chris Pine

Star Trek star and multifaceted superhero Chris Pine is known for his affinity for simplistic technology. During an appearance on Good Morning America, Pine stated, “the flip world is a whole world you’ve gotta get into”. Citing the lack of complications as well as the additional privacy, the flip phone has now become an asset and accessory for the actor who is often photographed with and interviewed about his retro phone.

9 Anna Wintour

The fashion icon Anna Wintour has shaped culture through her influential publication Vogue. Known for keeping up with the latest trends, technology seems to be the one she is willing to leave behind. At a variety of different Paris Fashion Week events, Wintour was photographed with her almost ancient Nokia flip phone. Although she still claims to own an iPhone out of necessity, she is often quoted in interviews preferring her BlackBerry.

8 Rihanna

Rihanna is known for pushing back against trends and culture in a successful way that causes the culture to shift towards her celebrity gravity. Her appearances with multiple flip phones is no different. When she left the popular Da Silvano restaurant, she was caught with her black T-Mobile cell phone. The moment became so widely discussed, that it led to the return of the flip phone, branded the Light Phone, that was designed by Nokia and Motorola legend Kaiwei Tang.

7 Kate Beckinsale

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Kate Beckinsale has been spotted several times with her flip phone both in public and in television interviews. She has frequently touted her appreciation for her red LG flip phone and stated in an interview with Slash Gear that she’s just, “not much interested in an iPhone.”

6 Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves was the star of The Matrix franchise, but he seems to want to escape the cyber matrix created by the iPhone. He has been pictured on several occasions staring down into his traditional-looking flip phone. Reeve’s character Neo also used a classic flip phone in The Matrix, a prop that resulted in the sale of over 10 million retro Nokia phones.

5 Andrew Luck

Despite being one of the NFL’s highest earning players, Andrew Luck is known for still using his flip phone. With a $32 million signing bonus alone, it isn’t the financial factors keeping him from using an iPhone. He stated in an interview with USA Today that he preferred the flip phone for a variety of reasons, “I don’t think I want to be connected 24/7, and this phone is maybe sort of a reminder that you don’t have to be connected. And it’s nice to get away. It’s nice to turn your phone off.”

4 Warren Buffett

Only recently did financial guru Warren Buffett finally trade in his dinosaur cell phone for the new iPhone. Prior to February of 2020, the financial tycoon was known for his affinity for the SamsungSCH-U320, a phone with a retail value of only $20. With a net worth of over $100 billion, the Berkshire Hathaway owner stated in 2018 that much like cryptocurrency, the iPhone market wasn’t yet saturated. The business magnet eventually caved and purchased an iPhone, a decision that might be replicated if Buffett ever decides to switch his stance and begins to invest in cryptocurrency.

3 Iggy Pop

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This chaotic rock star admitted to using a flip phone that he calls Rugby for its nearly indestructible benefits. While he manages to avoid mobile emails due to the three letters per button structure, he also claims to still have an iPhone as well as several computers. But due to the possibility of breaking them, none are ever registered in his own name as he continues to prefer the flip phone.

2 Kim Kardashian

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While Kim Kardashian still has an iPhone that she uses for social media postings, she is known for having an affinity for her BlackBerry. So much so, that she purchases multiple models as back ups. She even expressed a desire to purchase the company as a whole to keep the phones from ever going extinct.

1 Barack Obama

Barack Obama has been a champion of advocating for new technology for sitting Presidents. When he first entered office in 2009, he fought to keep his Blackberry phone while serving. He also became the first President to receive wi-fi in the White House, something that had been avoided as an added security measure. During his presidency, Obama stated he wasn’t allowed to have an iPhone for security reasons. This trend eventually changed as President Donald Trump used a series of different iPhones while in office.

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