Bruno Mars Launches New SelvaRay Rum Campaign Alongside Silk Sonic & Anderson Paaak

This trio already took the world by storm when their smash hit single “Leave the Door Open” debuted at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100. Now, Bruno Mars is yet again enlisting the artistic assistance of Silk Sonic, and Anderson Paak to launch new campaign for his co-owned rum brand, SelvaRey.

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Founded by Seth and Mark Gold, SelvaRey first hit the scene in 2014 as a singe-estate rum that’s distilled in the jungles of Panama. Mars joined forces as an investor (alongside Robert Herzig) the following year after being a frequent enjoyer of the rum’s tropical taste.

“[I] wanted to get involved on the creative side of the business and help build a world so people could feel what I felt,” Mars explains to Ad Week.

Since Mars has entered the rum scene, SelvaRay’s sales have seen tremendous leaps. Earlier this year, this singer dropped a drink called Owner’s Reserve that sold out only two hours after being released!

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Now the company looks to maintain that same momentum with the announcement of its new campaign for SelvaRay’s Tropical Luxury.

“Rum is really synonymous with joy. Anyone holding a good rum cocktail is exactly where they want to be,” the Granny winning artist says in a statement, “SelvaRay’s Coconut delivers the ultimate drink every time. It’s hands down the best coconut rum you’ve ever tasted. Who wouldn’t be happy with a SelvaRey Piña Colada in their hand?”

What accompanied the announcement was a beyond lavish promotional video. The ad featured a 70’s style pool party with Silk Sonic, Anderson Paak, and himself chilling out with a group of fans. Sonic sings a catchy jingle with lyrics like, ‘Everybody’s sipping on rum punch and mai tais, on piña coladas, poolside.’

Mars took to Instagram to say, “My friends and I are co-owners of this delicious rum. Us all being musicians, it’s only right that we put together the official jingle for @SelvaRayRum. This was fun

Since its release, the video has accumulated over 15 thousand views on SelvaRay’s YouTube channel. Mars can also be seen on the company’s channel showing rum lovers how to craft his signature drink ‘Bruno’s Dancing Juice’.

If this new campaign goes even half as well as SelvaRay’s most recent, anyone wanted to try out the drink should get ready to snag their bottles quick. This summer rum is sure run out in a blink of an eye.

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