Paige Spiranac 'would pay an unlimited amount' to watch Brooks Koepka vs Bryson DeChambeau after golf stars' feud

PAIGE SPIRANAC has admitted she 'would pay an unlimited amount' to watch golf rivals Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau fight each other.

Spiranac, a former golf pro, tweeted following another twist in the pair's fractured relationship.

Koepka's disdain for DeChambeau was highlighted during an interview at the PGA Championship.

When DeChambeau walked behind him in the background, Koepka stopped his answer before saying: "I f*****g lost my train of my thought hearing that bull****.  F*****g Christ."

And they then continued their feud on Wednesday when Koepka made fun of NFL star Aaron Rodgers after he was paired with DeChambeau for a charity match against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in July.

Koepka tweeted: "Sorry bro," to Rodgers before DeChambeau replied: "It’s nice to be living rent free in your head!"

The heated exchange between the golf stars was lapped up by Spiranac as she called for the pair to settle the score in the ring.

She said: "Forget Paul vs Mayweather. I would pay an unlimited amount to watch Brooks vs Bryson."

Spiranac was comparing the Koepka-DeChambeau rivalry to the upcoming fight between YouTuber Logan Paul and legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather.

The pair are set to meet in a six-round exhibition in Miami, Florida on June 6.


A post shared by Paige Spiranac💗 (@paigespiranac_)

A post shared by Paige Spiranac💗 (@paigespiranac_)

A post shared by Paige Spiranac💗 (@paigespiranac_)

Koepka's rivalry with DeChambeau stretches back to 2019 when he accused the fellow American of slow play.

DeChambeau, who has bulked up hugely over the last couple of years, then mocked Koepka for his physique in 2020.

To which Koepka responded: "You were right, I am two short of a six-pack," along with a picture of his four major trophies.

Koepka has won the PGA Championship twice and also the US Open on two occasions.

By comparison, DeChambeau's only major victory came at the US Open last year.

A post shared by Paige Spiranac💗 (@paigespiranac_)

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