Candace Owens says 'Hollywood protects predators' and compares Chrissy Teigen to Weinstein and Epstein in fiery tweet

CANDACE Owens has compared Chrissy Teigen to Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein and has said Hollywood protects predators.

In a scathing tweet, Owens said despite this the 35-year-old has been able to get away with "victimizing" people for years because she was "protected by Hollywood".

It comes after Owens has blasted Chrissy Teigen on Wednesday as a "hypocrite" after old tweets emerged in which she urged Sarah Palin to "shoot herself in the face".

Teigen, 35, apologized  amid claims she bullied then-teenager Courtney Stodden, who identifies as non-binary, and also told them to kill themselves. 

Now Owens has taken aim again by accusing the mom of two of being a predator.

She tweeted: "People wonder how people like Harvey Weinstein & Epstein were able to victimize people for years despite the fact that ‘everybody knew’

"It’s the same reason Chrissy Teigen has been platformed despite publicly victimizing women for over a decade. 

"Hollywood protects predators."

She then followed up with a tweet that read #SurvivingChrissyTeigen.

This was a reference to the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries exposing abuse allegations against the singer.

However, Teigen has not been accused of any physical or sexual misconduct, and Owens tweet concerned bullying allegations.

Owens said earlier this week that Tiegen "should’ve been canceled a long time ago".

"Chrissy Teigen publicly defend Meghan Markle and said she believed that Meghan had suicidal thoughts," Owens said on Tuesday.

"She just forgot to mention that she uses social media to encourage teenagers to kill themselves," the conservative political pundit wrote on Twitter.

Owens continued her tirade against Teigen on Instagram, posting a video lambasting the model.

"Chrissy Teigen told a child to commit suicide. How does any corporation in the world sponsor or deal with a woman who tells TEENAGERS that she fantasizes about them being dead?"

The Sun Online reached out to Teigen’s reps for a comment on Owen’s remarks. 

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